Supporters of ALIPAC:

We are receiving wild reports from all across the nation about severe problems with the elections. Many reports are about failing voter machines. Others about ballot anomalies and shortages. One wild, yet unconfirmed, report out of Philadelphia claims that illegal aliens have damaged the voter rosters and are now allowing people to vote unchallenged in heavily Hispanic precincts.

We are doing our best to track what is happening as the mayhem now involves at least six states!

If you spot news of this nature in your area, please post it in the General Discussion area of our Discussion Boards found here. ... wforum&f=2

Our activists are working to compile these reports in a tracking thread where you can add news or view the collective reports as they come in.

Voting Irregularity Tracking Thread - Volunteers Needed ... ic&t=45914

We will not hear back from our numerous ALIPAC volunteers that are involved with our Lock the VOTE Project till later tonight, but we will provide you with their reports as well.

Don't forget to go vote! Please tell us if you witness or experience any difficulties.

Americans for LEGAL Immigration PAC