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Thread: Fake Twitter Trolls Attack PAC Post about illegal non-citizen voters

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    Fake Twitter Trolls Attack PAC Post about illegal non-citizen voters

    Fake Twitter Trolls Attack PAC Post about illegal non-citizen voters

    For National Release | November 17, 2020

    Circulate & Discuss this release on (TWITTER HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (PARLER HERE) .. (LINKED HERE) .. (SLUG HERE) .. (MINDS HERE) .. (BRIGHTEON HERE)

    The shadow-banned and suppressed Twitter account of the national anti-illegal immigration group ALIPAC rarely sees much action these days due to documented Big Tech censorship of conservatives voices, but today @ALIPAC is under attack by fake Twitter trolls!

    When ALIPAC logged in this morning, a small army of fake Twitter trolls was attacking the following comment...

    William Gheen

    Replying to @AdamLaxalt

    Now, if the Clark County elections board would remove the large number of non-citizens, including illegals that were registered and voted by the Democrats and trade unions we would have a more fair election.
    It appears that others can see ALIPAC's response because it was posted as a reply to a Tweet (View Here) by the Twitter certified account of Adam Paul Laxalt, who is the Fmr. Attorney General of NV, Georgetown U and Law, Partner Cooper & Kirk. and Co-Chair Trump Campaign NV.

    You can tell that most of the angry responses aimed at @ALIPAC's comments are fake Twitter trolls because most of them have less than ten followers and appear to be following a similar script with their attacks.

    ALIPAC has encountered fake Twitter troll attacks before, with one such attacker admitting they are paid well to conduct their efforts from China. (Screen shots available upon request)

    Today's suspected fake Twitter trolls out to suppress concerns about voter fraud by attacking accounts like @ALIPAC this morning include, but are not limited to Apinkspirit @apinkspirit 0 followers, Daniel @dan00446555 6 followers, Janet Louise Green @Jangreen022669 3 followers, Democrat @bushwick2727 8 followers, BellaRoo @BellaRoo2U 7 followers, Elis Kucevic @KucevicElis 0 followers, Nathan Gray @Nlgray85 5 followers, David Shafter @david_seaisle 4 followers, Kim Aaron @KimAaro00820607 3 followers.

    ALIPAC is responding to these fake Twitter troll attacks and other more authentic political detractors by posting links to the 63 documented examples of non-citizens registering and voting illegally in US elections, including items with specific information showing wide scale elections fraud in Clark County Nevada at...

    Evidence of Non-Citizens Voting In US Elections Collection Point

    After ALIPAC pointed out that many of the attackers were part of an inauthentic influence campaign on Twitter, some real human operators have started to engage.

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    No TPS for illegal alien Guatemalans either!

    Deport them all...all TPS needs to be deported.

    We have our own destroyed homes from the weather and hundreds of thousands homeless!

    Stop DUMPING your problems on our backs. Their President needs to MAN UP and solve his countries problems. Execute your gangs, get them out of our misery. Get your people on birth control and out of poverty. And find your own damn investors to create jobs! They will not invest in that dump if YOU do not get rid of the gangs and crime. Slam our border shut to all of them.

    I am sick of the never ending human wretchedness on the Earth who continue to kill each other, breed in a mud puddle, have 6-10 mouths they cannot feed. They have no food or a loaf of bread, but there seems to be NO shortage of sperm in these countries. Disgusting!!!!

    No money, no aid, no more oatmeal.


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