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    Feedback & Verification Needed on National Crisis

    We are working on articles & releases at ALIPAC depicting how American borders are being forced open to the largest influx of illegal immigration in American history because of the Biden-Harris administration's mischaracterization of illegals as refugees.

    This nation-crushing and Democrat-electing crisis appears to be happening parallel to several other unprecedented problems. We need your help verifying and letting us know if there are more for this list.

    (Pre-Release List is for research verification and feedback from our activists.)

    -- Illegal Immigration at a Historic High.
    -- Overdose deaths (107,000) at a historic high.
    -- Suicides, especially among white males over 40, at a historic high.
    -- Home foreclosures at historic high.
    -- Credit card debt levels at a historic high.
    -- National debt at historic high.
    -- Government spending at historic high.
    -- Risk of Nuclear War at historic high (90 seconds to Midnight) due to US politicians conducting an illegal war against Russia. Highest risk since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.
    -- Democrats become first to ever indict & possibly jail a prior President of the United States.

    Please consider checking our information for accuracy, letting us know if anything should be added or removed from this list, and what you feel should be said about these issues so we can do our best to represent your views on the national stage.

    The Team
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