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    Free Speech Under Siege In America By Those that Support Illegal Immigration

    January 19, 2012

    by William Gheen
    President of ALIPAC

    On Wednesday January 18, 2012 over 7,000 websites 'blacked out' in open protest of new legislation called SOPA and PIPA, which would have a chilling effect on free speech on the Internet and for all Americans.

    ALIPAC would like to offer our full opposition to the SOPA and PIPA legislation as written because the legislation is so broad our primary mission to collect and archive all information possible about America's illegal immigration invasion could be stopped by the legislation.

    We did not black out our website at because it is new and still under construction after a recent revamping, but we are going to make our opposition to SOPA our first activist alert for 2012!

    For the last few years, we have been warning Americans about the three "nation breakers" that the same power factions supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens want to see applied to Americans in their quest for power and domination over us.

    1. We have warned that these corrupt elites will try to pass a form of Amnesty which would eventually puts millions of illegal immigrants into a new voting block permanently displacing American voters who would stand up for Border Security. These illegal immigrants, once legalized, will then be given preference in government and corporate hiring and placed in positions of dominion over once sovereign American citizens.

    2. We have warned that these corrupt elites will try to stifle freedom of Speech in America and on the web to prevent Americans from stopping their plans as we have in the past by stopping their amnesty legislation.

    3. We have warned that they will eventually try to disarm the American public depriving us of our 2nd amendment rights to make their power over us permanent and supreme and insulated from any significant resistance to an increasingly diabolical series of abuses. With the British and Australians recently disarmed and dis-empowered, Americans are the last besieged and faltering bastion of freedom and citizen empowerment with rights.

    We see SOPA and PIPA as the latest attempts by our US government, which is becoming more dictatorial and more authoritarian like their Chinese and Saudi Arabian counterparts each week, to silence free speech.

    We have become experts in free speech and civil rights matters at Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) because our free speech and civil rights are under constant attack and our government appears to be helping the attackers more than American defenders like us.

    Our website at is under constant attack from illegal alien supporters who do their best to disrupt our communications and our operations. They have proven there is no low they won't go to including hacking and vicious Internet troll attacks.

    On Sunday January 15, 2012 Google Inc. literally handed over the master e-mail control and password to our youtube account previously at ALIPAC1's Channel - YouTube to an illegal alien supporting attacker. All of our videos that contain over 4 years of our work have been deleted. These videos had over 4.3 million views and were expressions of ALIPAC's civil rights and free speech. They are all gone and so far Google has not responded to our numerous requests for assistance and account restoration.

    Then there was the RightHaven copyright trolls that sued ALIPAC and hundreds of other bloggers trying to shake all of us down for money. We are thankful that many groups aligned to fight back and RightHaven has been stopped by the courts, but this attempt to silence those of us on the web that compile, analyze, aggregate, and utilize news articles was a very close call.

    Then there is the attack of free speech that occurs when illegal alien supporters like NCLR La Raza (The Race), SPLC, ADL, Media Matters, MALDEF, LULAC, and a constellation of hundreds of other groups label an American peacefully speaking out against illegal immigration as a violent racist. These well financed national smear efforts have a terrible chilling effect on free speech for all Americans. Talk show hosts and news casters are encouraged not to allow those of that represent the views of most Americans on the air due to false claims of tenuous ties to mysterious racist blogs.

    I have dubbed what these groups try to do to us as "hooding." They attempt to silence those of us who become public figures by intimidation and libel. Minorities that believe this hostile propaganda would deem us worthy of violence or death because of our views.

    What these invasion supporting groups do is the equivalent of tying an innocent man or woman to a utility poll in a urban minority neighborhood, taping their mouth shut, and putting a white hood on them to leave them to their fate. This "hooding" has become so prominent that now even the Executive Branch and the Department of Homeland Security are using this despicable technique to vie for more power and control over the disgruntled American populace.

    In case many of you have not heard, this week the White House began meeting with police leaders from across America to explain to them that the new threat are Domestic Terrorists and that the Domestic Terrorists are not Muslim exremists. Here is how they are describing domestic terrorists to police.

    Does this new Homeland Security release information describe anyone you know?

    Homeland Security wants local police now looking for American citizens that...

    ""...increasingly spoke out against the government, blamed the government for perceived problems and did so in a way that caught the attention of other people in their communities, according to the senior counterterrorism official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private White House event. Subjects became active on the Internet to espouse extremist views. In some cases, the subjects purchased weapons, ammunition...Analysts found that a person's origin, ethnic background and socioeconomic status are not good indicators for potential violent extremist activity, the senior counterterrorism official said." -- Huntington Post, January 18, 2012

    So now the Obama administration is seeking to silence you by sending you the message that law enforcement is now on the lookout for American citizen gun owners that speak out against the government or government policies instead of going after the murderous illegal alien drug and alien smugglers that are armed with assault weapons provided by the Obama administration. Yes, Americans speaking out against the government are now the targets of Janet Napolitano's Homeland Security more than the Muslim extremists that comprise over 90% of those charged with and convicted of terrorism in the US in the last ten years.

    The 9/11 terrorist never spoke out against the US Government online. Tim McVeigh, the Oklahoma bomber, never organized online. In fact, the Obama administration offers no verifiable proof that there are any substantiation to these claims!

    This is the same government that recently had to retract leaked documents claiming US veterans and citizens that support Ron Paul or fight against abortion, high taxes, and illegal immigration are potential terrorists.

    While some of the left may be chuckling and rooting Obama on right now, they will come for you once they are done enslaving the Americans they worry about standing up to them effectively. Americans on the left, right, and center need to unify against these numerous attacks on American liberties and Constitutional governance.

    At ALIPAC, we have archived entire articles for the last 7 years because when we started the Internet had no long term memory on these topics. Now our archives are used by citizens, journalists, researchers, lawmakers, candidates, etc...

    Since we started, many of the older articles on our site no longer appear at the sources that first reported them. Reports of gang rapes by illegal aliens and school riots between black and Latino students have disappeared or been altered since their original publication. Our archive work at at least gives the American public a chance to know what is really going on.

    But of course the elites who support the illegal immigration invasion of America have noticed our work and our successes and they conspire to take us down and silence us any way they can.

    We encourage the 40,000+ national supporters of ALIPAC to get on the phones to Congress right away to say "I oppose the SOPA and PIPA legislation and want Congress and Obama to keep your hands off of free speech on the web."

    You can even use our brand new Congressional contact list that has many new features.

    Let's burn up those phone lines to DC once again and stop this latest attempt to silence groups like ALIPAC.

    People ask me all the time why illegal immigration is allowed to continue and how Obama can get away with the things he is doing.

    I'll tell you the answer to those questions, it is because not enough Americans are standing up and speaking out yet. These bad things are happening because not enough Americans are taking the time to learn what is really going on and choosing to dedicate themselves to real reform.

    Stand up and speak out against illegal immigration, against Obama's unlawful gun running and amnesty for illegal aliens, against SOPA, PIPA, and the NDAA. Speak out while you still can and if you chose to bow down and stand down against those that would intimidate or threaten you into silence, it will likely be one of the last choices you are allowed to make for yourself in the ruins of what is left of America and the American dream.

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    They are trying to silence you once and for all

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We need you to take action today to stop the latest attempt to silence you. If the SOPA legislation passes in current form, it will shut down the ALIPAC archives. Please read, share, and post links to today's exclusive article. Details on how you can take action are in....

    Free Speech Under Siege In America By Those that Support Illegal Immigration

    The ALIPAC Team
    Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
    Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
    FEC ID: C00405878

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    Jeffrey Tucker writes a stirring column on the free flow of information over the millenia.

    The free publication, Daily Reckoning, is one of the best examples of information coming over the internet. The internet gives the public insights on issues and facts that the mass media does not see as fit to print.

    The Bills seeking to restrict the internet, coming to a vote next week, are S.968 and HR 3261. Will your congressional representatives vote NO?



    Blackout Wednesday: The Time Has Come

    By Jeffrey Tucker

    01/18/12 Wikipedia, that ever-evolving monument to human collaboration in the cause of global enlightenment, goes completely black today, Wednesday, Jan. 18. The blackout is a choice, and a brilliant one, made by founder Jimmy Wales in consultation with the whole Wikipedia community. It is a protest, a statement, a symbolic warning to the world of what can happen if governments attack the free flow of information.

    The online protest is directed, in particular, against two bills roiling around Congress right now, called SOPA in the House and PIPA in the Senate. Early versions have been tabled. The Obama administration has said that it opposes the current versions, but the opposition was weak and suspiciously nuanced.

    People who are digitally aware and politically savvy know that this is only round one. The attempt by governments to block information flows on the Web will continue in new and different bills and regulations. No new laws are even necessary; government possesses the power now to crush the information age on a bureaucratic whim.

    In fact, this goes on every day. That’s because governments everywhere, in all times and places, want to control information and will use all their power to do it. It is also because the legal framework that rules how information is produced and distributed is fundamentally corrupted by the fraudulent notion of “intellectual property,” which, if consistently enforced, would put an end to the Internet as we know it…

    • Just this past week, a judge ruled that a 23-year-old British college student can be extradited to the US for a 10-year prison sentence, all for linking to other servers that illicitly host copyrighted content;

    • Late last year, US officials shut down 150 domains without hearings or trials on grounds that they were suspected of selling goods that violate trademark law. It was done on “Cyber Monday” for a reason: It was an announcement to the digital world that government is in charge;

    • In the spring of last year, the FBI arbitrarily shut down every online poker domain they could find and seized the bank accounts of some of the largest and smartest people who play online poker — and all of this happened before the recent announcement that online poker is being re-legalized;

    • Earlier in the year, the Department of Homeland Security seized 84,000 domains and put up an announcement that each was trafficking in child porn. Problem: It was all a mistake. Not one was actually guilty. To date, there has been no explanation of how this could have happened;

    • In 2010, the feds seized some 73,000 domains for the crime of linking to content that was said to be distributed illegally in violation of copyright.

    Already, the damage of this sort of thing is enormous. Ten years ago, the Internet represented liberation, a new frontier of innovation, commerce, opinion sharing and spontaneous organizing. Today, more and more people are consumed by fear. Bloggers are unclear about what existing law does or does not allow. No one knows for sure how to define “fair use.” The deepest pockets are winning case after case. Faced with this uncertainty, many are choosing less over more content — which is exactly what the government and private monopolists want.

    The Wikipedia protest is a way of saying: If this kind of thing continues and ends up institutionalized in new legislation, there will be no more Wikipedia, which is the No. 1 content-rich site on the Web and the main way people learn today (how far we’ve come from the debunking that was common only five years ago).

    And this is just one example. Individual blogs would only contain government-approved content. Search engines would only produce only government-approved sites. Digital entrepreneurship would be suffocated by fears of threats, confiscations and jails. It is hard to see how even Facebook and Twitter could survive.

    It is just marvelous that Wikipedia has taken this bold direction, and it is only possible because of the unique nature of the media in question. Many large businesses during the 1930s tried their best to protest New Deal price controls. But they could hardly shut down their giant stores. The revenue loss would have been devastating, and the victims would have been the employees. So in the end, the private sector was forced to submit to the controls. It was the same in the 1970s with wage and price controls. How could the merchants resist?

    But digital enterprises are in a different position entirely. They can vanish with a few clicks, giving the world a conjectural look at what happens when the state attacks the lifeblood of innovation and progress. Small changes in the law can have a gigantic effect. Just as one click can shut down this site, one law can do the same.
    It is not only Wikipedia. Others are doing the same. WordPress, the open-source platform that powers nearly a quarter of new websites and has the most-popular content management system on the Web, has also stepped out in front with a call for action: “Normally, we stay away from… politics here at the official WordPress project…Today, I’m breaking our no-politics rule…How would you feel if the Web stopped being so free and independent? I’m concerned — freaked right the heck out about the bills that threaten to do this, and as a participant in one of the biggest changes in modern history, you should be, too.”
    There are many such examples. And even if successful, it is not enough. With or without SOPA, digital freedom is under attack. For example, ICANN, the gateway for all domain registration, is now requiring a verified official identity, supplied by government, for domain ownership. This change sets the stage for continuing shutdowns and strangulation.

    The struggle is intensifying, and the sides are very clear: It is the government and old-line media companies that depend on the state’s laws versus everyone else. Everyone else consists of the independently active, privately owned global society that lives and thrives in the digital age. The astonishing innovations of this age have taught an entire generation about the miraculous power of information generation and delivery, about the capabilities embedded in the spontaneous actions of individuals, about the capacity of people around the world to generate order and progress through cooperation and exchange.

    The notable thing is that the Web as we know it has been built by private hands working together, not by bureaucrats and politicians. This is the great lesson that our Jetsons world has taught us, and it points to a truth that all governments want to suppress: namely, that order is the daughter of liberty. How dare the bureaucrats and politicians presume to be the lords of what they had nothing to do with creating!

    If government gets its way with this legislation and these overall trends, the costs will be immense and tragically unseen. Digital media and information freedom is directly and indirectly responsible for most of the economic growth we’ve experienced over the last 20 years. Without it, government controls, taxes, regulations and wars would have instituted a new dark age by now.
    For government to attack Internet freedom today would be akin to burning the seventh-century manuscripts of St. Isidore of Seville, who produced, in the hardest times, the book that summarized all the knowledge of the ancient world (a Wikipedia of his time) and remains a primary source today.

    It would be like murdering Venerable Bede in the eighth century, so that he could not have written his history of England that passed on knowledge and wisdom in the darkest of times.

    It would be like smashing the 15th-century Gutenberg presses so that printing could have never gotten off the ground.
    Historians constantly remind us that all great leaps in human history are inspired by the sharing and spreading of information. This is the precondition. When the first crusaders returned with new manuscripts from the ancient world, we began to see the first signs of the birth of modernity in the West. When populations moved to cities where they could leave behind their isolation and collaborate with others, economic growth followed. And when the Internet blasted down the barriers around the world and allowed anyone to discover new ideas, we saw a new dawn of technology and efficiency.

    Information is the most-valuable commodity, and one that so happens to be infinitely reproducible. But today, governments have rallied around this notion of “intellectual property” and used it as an excuse to set up monopolies and censor ideas. We’ll never be safe from this kind of legislation and arbitrary dictate until this fallacy is pulled up from its very roots and we are better able to distinguish between real and fake property rights.

    The two dominant trends of our time are, on the one hand, the darkening of the physical world ruled by governments and, on the other hand, the re-enlightening of the world thanks to the spontaneous order of digital media controlled by everyone else. Governments are seeking to drag it down and shut off the lights. The protests against these proposed controls constitute a mighty statement that we will not let the raiders, the barbarians, the vandals, have their way.
    Jeffrey Tucker
    for The Daily Reckoning

    Read more: Blackout Wednesday: The Time Has Come Blackout Wednesday: The Time Has Come
    Join our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & to secure US borders by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    SOPA protest! Internet strike a huge success, says editor Mike Adams

    On January 18, 2012, thousands of websites from around the world came out in protest of two pieces of legislation that threaten to censor the internet as we know it. Google, WordPress,, Wikipedia, Tumblr, The Daily Paul, reddit, NaturalNews, and thousands of other websites censored portions or all of their homepages and content in protest of theStop Online Piracy Act(HR 3261), and theProtect IP Act(S 96, which would essentially give large media conglomerates and the federal government unbridled power to censor the internet.

    Read more here: At least 7,000 websites black out their homepages in protest of SOPA and PIPA internet censorship bills

    SOPA protest! Internet strike a huge success, says editor Mike Adams - YouTube

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    Chris Dodd Thinks Anti-SOPA/PIPA Websites Are Abusing Their Power
    Wed, 01/18/2012 - 1:10pm | posted by Nate Nelson

    If you’re like me, you hoped that you wouldn’t be hearing anything more from allegedly corrupt former Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) after he decided in 2010 not to seek a sixth Senate term. Unfortunately those hopes were dashed when the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) decided it just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hire somebody who allegedly knows exactly what it takes to buy a senator. The MPAA selected Dodd as its new head lobbyist chairman and CEO last year. Now Dodd is taking aim at Wikipedia, Google, and other websites involved in today’s protest against the SOPA/PIPA internet censorship legislation pending in Congress:

    It is an irresponsible response and a disservice to people who rely on them for information and use their services. It is also an abuse of power given the freedoms these companies enjoy in the marketplace today. It’s a dangerous and troubling development when the platforms that serve as gateways to information intentionally skew the facts to incite their users in order to further their corporate interests.

    Did you get that? The man whom the Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) once called one of the most corrupt members of Congress thinks the websites that are protesting SOPA/PIPA today are abusing their power. Speaking for the motion picture industry, he accuses these websites of “skewing the facts … in order to further their corporate interests.” I wonder what Dodd thinks his angle is here? Trust me, I know abuse of power? That Dodd is serving as the commander-in-chief of the Hollywood forces seeking to censor the internet illustrates how important today’s protest really is. We’re fighting an uphill battle and need all the media attention and popular support we can muster. You can bet it’s no accident that less than a year after the MPAA hired a former five-term senator as its chief executive we’re seeing this heavyhanded anti-piracy legislation that the MPAA so desperately wants.

    Having allegedly sold himself and the Senate Banking Committee to Countrywide, Dodd is now shilling for the MPAA. We shouldn’t be surprised. And his pals in Congress are more than willing to flush the First Amendment down the toilet for Dodd and his Hollywood cronies. We shouldn’t be surprised by that either. But we should be angry. We should be angry enough, in fact, to kick every single congressman or senator who supports SOPA/PIPA out of office. We shouldn’t feel too bad about firing them. The Motion Picture Association of America will probably be hiring.
    Related Posts

    Are SOPA/PIPA protests a tipping point in history?
    Copyrights don't matter to Lamar Smith
    5 Changes Libertarians Should Embrace After Yesterday's Anti-SOPA/PIPA Protests
    SOPA/PIPA opponents score a victory
    DIY Satellites and Filesharing Religions: SOPA's new enemies

    Chris Dodd Thinks Anti-SOPA/PIPA Websites Are Abusing Their Power | United Liberty | Free Market - Individual Liberty - Limited Government

    What a surprise here!!!

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    SOPA Sinks. Congress Abandons Ship.

    I have never seen anything to match it, not in 50 years of monitoring politics. The Internet mobilized millions of outraged voters who contacted their Senators and Congressmen.

    At one stage, my subscribers could not contact their representatives online. The Senate’s site went down from the overload.

    The Good Old Boys thought they would sneak SOPA through — a quiet little bill to undermine our freedom of digital communication. It was a nice payoff to Hollywood and the record industry. And then, “Wham!” The explosion blew their scheme to bits.

    With the growing reservations, a bill that passed the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously and without controversy may be in serious trouble.

    In serious trouble? It’s dead in the water!

    Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader and Democrat of Nevada, has scheduled a procedural vote on the Leahy version for early next week, but unless negotiators can alter it to satisfy the outraged online world, no one expects it to get 60 votes.

    Marco Rubio, the Senator from Disney World, bailed out first. He had been a co-sponsor of the bill. By mid-morning, he reversed himself. All day long the defections came.

    Senator John Cornyn, the Texas Republican who heads the campaign operation for his party, quickly followed suit and urged Congress take more time to study the measure, which had been set for a test vote next week.

    By Wednesday afternoon, Senator Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah and one of the Senate bill’s original co-sponsors, called it “simply not ready for prime time” and withdrew his support.

    They will not try this again, I think. Hollywood does not have enough clout.

    In the Tea Party era of grass-roots muscle, though, the old school was taken to school, Congressional aides and media lobbyists agree.

    “The problem for the content industry is they just don’t know how to mobilize people,” said John P. Feehery, a former Republican leadership aide and executive at the motion picture lobby. “They have a small group of content makers, a few unions, whereas the Internet world, the social media world especially, has a tremendous reach. They can reach people in ways we never dreamed of before.

    “This has been a real learning experience for the content world,” Mr. Feehery added.

    They got taken the the woodshed. They found out what a handful of sites can do to mobilize voters.

    It was magnificent!

    It was a moment of truth. The Good Old Boys cannot safely tangle with the Internet. The risk is very high. The payoff is very low.

    Politicians respond to pain. The Internet inflicted a great deal of pain.

    The next time Hollywood comes calling, the answer will be, “See you later, aligator.” If any bill re-surfaces, it will have no teeth.

    Continue Reading on The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

    SOPA Sinks. Congress Abandons Ship.

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    US government hits Mega upload with mega piracy indictment

    Seven executives charged as filesharing site shut down over accusations they cheated copyright holders out of $500m

    Matt Williams, Thursday 19 January 2012 18.15 EST
    Article history

    Police in New Zealand have arrested four men after US authorities shut down the filesharing site Megaupload, including founder Kim Dotcom Link to this video

    The US government has closed down one of the world's largest filesharing websites, accusing its founders of racketeering, money laundering and presiding over "massive" online piracy.

    According to prosecutors, Megaupload illegally cheated copyright holders out of $500m in revenue as part of a criminal enterprise spanning five years.

    A lawyer for Megaupload told the Guardian it would "vigorously" defend itself against the charges, dismissing the criminal action as "a civil case in disguise".

    News of the indictment – being framed as one of the biggest copyright cases in US history – came a day after major internet firms held a 24-hour protest over proposed anti-piracy laws.

    According to a Department of Justice release, seven people associated with Megaupload were indicted by a federal grand jury earlier this month over the charges.

    They included Kim Dotcom, founder of the online firm.

    The 37-year-old, who also goes by Kim Tim Jim Vestor and whose real name is Kim Schmitz, is accused of heading up a criminal venture that earn Dotcom and his associates upwards of $175m.

    These profits were obtained illegally through advertising and the selling of premium memberships to users of Megaupload, the justice department is claiming.

    Established in 2005, the website offered a "one-click" upload, providing an easily accessible online locker for shared content.

    Before being shut down, the firm boasted 50 million daily visitors, accounting for 4% of total internet traffic, the justice department claimed in its statement on the indictment.

    Prosecutors allege that the website violated copyright law by illegally hosting movies, music and TV shows on a massive scale.

    Those behind the website have claimed that it diligently responds to any complaint regarding pirated material.

    But according to prosecutors, the accused conspirators deliberately employed a business model that encouraged the uploading of illegal material.

    They say that Megaupload paid users for uploading pirated material in full awareness that they were breaking the law. In addition they failed to close the accounts of known copyright infringers.

    The indictment includes chat logs with conversations between company executives, which include statements like: "we have a funny business . . . modern days pirates "

    Alongside Dotcom, law enforcement officials swooped on a number of other senior members of Megaupload's staff.

    Arrests were made at a number of homes in Auckland, New Zealand, on warrants issued by US authorities.

    In all, addresses in nine countries including the US were raided as part of massive international operation.

    Three men accused alongside Dotcom remained on the run tonight, the Department of Justice said.

    About $50m dollars in assets were seized as part of the massive operation.

    Meanwhile, the Megaupload website was closed down, with the FBI seizing an additional 18 domain names associated with the alleged crime.

    In response to the indictment, the hacker group Anonymous, which is ostensibly unaffiliated with Megaupload, launched a cyber attack that at least temporarily brought down the websites of the justice department as well as those of the Recording Industry Association of America, Motion Picture Association of America, and Universal Music.

    If found guilty of the charges, the accused Megaupload executives could face 50 years behind bars.

    Ira Rothken, an attorney for Megaupload, said the firm would fight the "erroneous" charges.

    Speaking from his California office, Rothken said: "The allegations appear to be incorrect and the law does not support the charges."

    He added: "It is a civil case in disguise."

    Asked why it was being pursued as a criminal case, Rothken replied: "You'd have to ask the prosecutors."

    Pipa weakened as Senate majority leader retreats from pushing vote

    Harry Reid will not whip Senate Democrats for votes in favour of anti-piracy bill, reports say, after unprecedented online protest

    Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea)

    This video gives us a clearer understanding of the context and underlying motivations for SOPA/PIPA

    Explainer: understanding Sopa

    Will 2012 see the end of the internet as we know it? The House judiciary committee tried to finalize the Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa) before Christmas for a vote early next year. Watch this video for a guide to the fight that will likely become one of the big stories of the coming year

    US government hits Megaupload with mega piracy indictment | Technology |

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