Friends of ALIPAC:

We have worked hard to make our organization a group that can encompass the 80%+ of Americans that regularly reply to polls indicating they want our existing immigration laws enforced.

We have been blessed with the support of a very diverse range of Americans. We know from e-mails, contributions, letters, calls, and posts in our Discussion Groups that we are supported by white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and native American Americans.

We would like to get a rough estimate on the gender and ethnic percentages of our supporters.

Please take just a few seconds to answer our latest survey questions and to indicate your gender and ethnic characteristics.

Also, if you have not completed our earlier survey questions which request your opinions and your party affiliation and voting frequency, please take the time to fill those out as well.

Here is our survey section with the latest questions....

If anyone has forgotten their password or has trouble logging in to fill out the surveys please reply to this e-mail or write to William Gheen at

Thank you for your support and your participation in these polls.

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