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Thread: Good News: Amnesty traitors are falling back

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    Good News: Amnesty traitors are falling back

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We have some great news this Monday morning! The illegal alien amnesty supporters promised their backers they would have a bill submitted this week, but sources are telling the media that they are falling back on their time line!

    As you can see in this article, they claim they are drafting a 1,500 page bill to ramrod through before it can be read or discussed by other lawmakers, media, or the American public. However, Senator Marco Rubio, the Hispanic sellout for Republicans, is now showing signs of having cold feet thanks to your lobbying pressure!

    More details in this article...
    Illegal Immigration Amnesty proposal could be delayed

    Delays like this are good for our side of the debate because they give us more time to rally more Americans against Amnesty and more time to build momentum on our side.

    Also, each day closer we get to 2014 the chances the traitors can pass amnesty go down.

    In truth, the vast majority of Americans will oppose what is in this bill and many lawmakers know that despite the fake polls because they have expensive polling data from their districts.

    Amnesty must pass in 2013 to give fickle mass media minded Americans time to forget who betrayed them before pushing buttons in ballot enclosures.

    If we can stop amnesty legislation until January 2014, legislative amnesty will be dead for another 3 years and Americans will get one last chance to do things right in the 2014 Congressional elections.

    Tomorrow, ALIPAC will release a very important part of our strategy to defeat Amnesty in 2013! Please be ready to assist!

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team

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