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Thread: Google Refusing To Restore Illegal Immigration Videos

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    Google Refusing To Restore Illegal Immigration Videos

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    After more than two months, Google Inc. and Youtube are refusing to restore our historic and influential videos on our hijacked Youtube account ALIPAC1. We have tried to contact Google via emails, forms, forums, faxes, certified letters, members of Congress, media inquiries, and a national press release.

    Google Inc. is refusing to respond to us in any way and refusing to restore the ALIPAC1 account.

    We will never stop fighting this terrible form of censorship and we will never stop fighting to restore all of your hard work, comments, links, and other efforts that created those videos and helped over 4 million people view them.

    Please take the following steps to help us today...

    Step 1: Visit and watch our first new video uploaded on our destroyed account...

    VIDEO: Google Refusing To Restore Hijacked Illegal Immigration Fighting Account

    Step 2: Comment beneath the video and vote it thumbs up and add it to your favorites. If you are not already a subscriber on our account ALIPAC1 then subscribe there.

    Step 3: Share this video with others through forwarded emails, posts on Facebook and Twitter, or by posting to blogs or websites where you participate or have control.

    Step 4: Contact Google Inc. with a polite request for them "please restore the videos, comments, and links to the Youtube account ALIPAC1" via calls and emails to 650.930.3555 and

    Thank you for your support and efforts!

    The ALIPAC Team
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    Here is one video that I was still able to access. I have many saved and will post links to the ones that haven't been eliminated by You Tube yet as I sift through them.

    A hard-core racist spewing hate ( Anaheim / Illegal Immigration / All Star Game ) - YouTube

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    I got rid of everything google when this first happened, and if I use u tube or anything I don;t sign in. I also stopped using their search engine and use ask com or smart search. If a password is asked I don't give it and leave...Facebook so far I am still using, but depends on what happens next that will be gone next...

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    Need to monitor this Youtube account some Wack jobs are now posting there! Maybe it is the guy who high jacked it!
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    Let me see if I understand this correctly. YouTube has refused to even acknowledge that ALIPAC1 was hacked. As a result ALIPAC was forced to abandon use of the ALIPAC1 account and establish an entirely new account on YouTube. Right?

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    Google appears to seek control and acts as "big brother."
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    I would set up a couple back up accounts just to be safe. There are people that will do anything to take over this country. We have to play by the rules, but they do whatever they want.
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