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    GOP lawmakers plan to vote against Boehner as new deadlier surge of illegals hits US

    ALIPAC Activists,

    The news coming in from the border is very bad. The first members of the next bigger wave of illegal aliens who are arriving in America in response to the Obama-McConnell-Boehner Amnesty Plot (#OMBAP) are already flooding shelters in Texas. Such large numbers in the dead of Winter means that in about 2-3 months we will be dealing with illegal immigration into America on an unprecedented scale.

    Also, our beleaguered and demoralized Border Patrol agents report that these new illegal immigrants are more violent and aggressive. The attacks on our agents and severity of their injuries are increasing, which means that more Americans than ever are likely to be killed by illegal aliens and the emergent and resurgent diseases they bring into our classrooms, restaurants, stores, malls, and communities!

    And while the liar in chief spouts his latest steady stream of lies about the US economy and employment numbers, our friends at CIS have put out a new report everyone should know about that proves most of the new jobs in America since 2007 have gone to legal and illegal immigrants! This data further confirms ALIPAC's claim that illegal immigration is part of a plan to displace and replace Americans in our jobs, homes, elections, and government!

    Luckily, GOP lawmakers on our side have formed a small group of about 18 Representatives for starters that plans to mount a challenge to John Boehner's Speakership when they vote for Speaker of the House on January 6, 2015, which is next Tuesday.

    Obama fears our faction's efforts and now warns his army of socialists and illegal alien invaders that a "nativist trend" in part of the Republican party threatens his amnesty agenda!

    So please spread the word to let everyone know that Boehner and McConnell are lying when they claim they plan to oppose or stop Obama's illegal and unconstitutional amnesty decree. These two sellout lawmakers plan to try to pass amnesty legislation of their own that will forgive and rubber stamp what Obama has done by turning the United States into a dictatorship! Warn everyone of the plot that is causing the new and larger surge of more violent and aggressive illegals that is headed our way.

    It is time to ready ourselves for battle once again, ALIPACers, and with the Lord willing we will prevail against amnesty once again and find a way to restore the American Republic and Rule of Law which should stop and reverse the deadly illegal alien invasion of America.

    Let's get all of you up to speed using the links in this email alert. Please prepare yourself to resume our efforts with all the strength we can muster!

    Let's make 2015 our best year yet!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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