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    Help our final push against Amnesty 2019

    With the American public distracted by the holidays and impeachment circus and heavy division among American conservatives over the President's reversals on immigration issues, illegal aliens and their backers are doing better than ever before.

    They have three different Amnesty bills on the move in DC, and the elites behind the bills hope to pass at least one of them to the President's desk before Congress leaves this Friday afternoon on Dec 20!

    Please join ALIPAC's final push to stop Amnesty 2019 by making the calls we started 48 hours ago to Senator Mitch McConnell's offices (review here)

    Then proceed to call every single GOP Senate office you can with the following message...

    "Tell Senator _____ not to allow Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens to be considered, voted on, or passed this Christmas while the national focus is on impeachment. Americans oppose Amnesty by large margins, and to consider such important legislation at this time would be the highest betrayal of the American public. Tell Senator _____ to oppose illegal alien Amnesty bills HR 6, HR 5038, and outsourcing bill S. 386!"

    Here is the contact info you need for your calls...

    We are counting on you to make it clear to these GOP Senate offices today that all of America is not asleep at the wheel on immigration issues right now.

    Fight as hard as you can in these final 24 hours to deprive the illegals and their backers of Amnesty for yet another year!

    Let's go, ALIPACers!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Please strengthen our operations in these final 24 hours with your contribution of $10 or more via...
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