Friends of ALIPAC,

Our youtube account that represented 6 years of our work and our free speech was destroyed this past January when Google let an illegal alien supporting activist have the codes to our account. The FBI under Obama refuses to help us and Google Inc. has not responded to any of our requests for help sent to them every way known to man.

We are warning all other activism groups that if Obama and Google don't like what you are saying you can be struck down at any time and be left without the most basic customer service.

Please help us to rebuild ALIPAC's online video presence which brings many more people to our aid in our fight against illegal immigration. We are working over the Holiday weekend and need your help for 15 minutes. We have added more security to our Youtube account and are uploading videos from years past.

Please take 15 minutes to...

1. Click on and watch these three videos
2. Vote thumbs up and make a comment on each video
3. Share these three videos with others by emailing them to friends, placing them on websites you control, posting them in online forums, or posting them on Facebook and Twitter.

Each of you that views, comments, and helps circulate these videos will help our messages against illegal immigration and amnesty reach others!


Revolution Now America Speech by William Gheen of ALIPAC Houston, TX 2010

Congressman Steve King of Iowa Interviewed about Illegal Immigration by William Gheen of ALIPAC

Joyce Kaufman Radio Show Interviews Minutemen and ALIPAC

While we will never recover the massive number of views and links to these videos we once had, our thanks goes out to each of you willing to take a few minutes to help us boost these videos back online.