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Thread: High profile child rapes & murders by illegals fuel backlash

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    High profile child rapes & murders by illegals fuel backlash

    Share & discuss these reports at (ALIPAC HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE)

    Sensing political blood in the 2024 Election waters, conservative media outlets are covering some of the latest murders and child rapes committed by illegal alien invaders, aka Biden's migrants. These reports stand in sharp contrast to Democrat efforts to claim the invasion is not a problem, while the Biden campaign clearly encourages illegals to vote in 140 days!

    Unlike previous years, these incidents appear to be having some impactful effect on cities like New York, where polling of black and Hispanic Democrats indicates movement away from Democrats and their open borders policies.

    These are the top stories in the nation about illegal immigration at this time. Many thanks to our activists who are searching for these stories, sharing them, and placing them into our archives for analysis, use, and preservation. (remember that you can leave lasting comments on these reports and share easily with the tools we provide)

    Amnesty Joe Biden Gives His Podium to Illegal Migrant

    Sanctuary NYC: Migrant, Freed into U.S. by Biden’s DHS, Accused of Raping Girl at Knifepoint in Broad Daylight

    Seattle PD to hire ILLEGALS with DACA status as cops

    Maryland Sheriff Torches Biden After Illegal Alien 'Monster' Rapes, Murders Mom of 5

    Illegal alien who entered the country undetected has been arrested, charged with CHILD RAPE in Massachusetts
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    Listen to William Gheen on Rense June 19, 2024 talking about
    - High Profile Child Rapes in NYC (as discussed below)
    - Wide Support for Mass Deportation of Illegals
    - Fox News & Trump Campaigns shout Alipac's Messages like "Illegal Alien Crimes are 100% Preventable!"

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