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If you would like a more detailed explanation about how we can fight and win against illegal immigration at this point, please read on.

From 2005 to 2010, ALIPAC's Platform and our widely circulated manifesto, "How To Reverse Illegal Immigration In America," and, "Why the Illegals Must Leave," combined with hard work by thousands of our donors and activists actually reversed illegal immigration as we had predicted despite criticism of our plan from skeptics.

Due to the bad economy combined with increased enforcement from the states and employers using E-Verify, ALIPAC activists helped generate dramatic reversals in illegal immigration in certain states and nationwide. While our California supporters did not experience much from this trend at first, activists in South Carolina and Georgia reported immediate decreases in illegal immigration, illegal alien crimes, and new job openings for Americans.

This reversal in illegal immigration in 2010 and 2011 was confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security, the US Census Agency, the Pew Hispanic Center, and the Center for Immigration Studies.

Unfortunately, dictator Barack Obama took unprecedented actions to stop the exodus of illegal aliens by decreeing a form of Amnesty in defiance of the Congress, US Constitution, and will of the vast majority of Americans who oppose Amnesty.

It would be expected that it would take Americans some time to figure out how to react to and counter act such an unexpected and unprecedented move by a president, but ALIPAC's reaction and the reactions of many of our allied organizations have been slowed by the paralysis that occurred in approximately 1/3 of our donors and volunteers.

Unfortunately, 1/3 of our supporters rewarded Obama's dictatorial actions by allowing themselves to be neutralized, demoralized, cowered, mentally defeated, whatever you want to call it or reported that economic conditions have taken them under.... before the battle had even been fought!

The 66% of us who have carried on the battle over the last year hope that these fallen patriots will return to the battle and return to our aid this week to help us avoid the closure of ALIPAC caused by the absence of those who have surrendered to the invasion.

The Way Forward

At this point, there is a way forward and a way we can defeat Obama and restore the reversal of illegal immigration we had worked so hard to achieve.

First, we must immediately raise the funds necessary for ALIPAC to go after the Amnesty perpetrators and organize Americans to defeat the legislative Amnesty Obama and sellout Republicans like Speaker John Boehner and radio show host Sean Hannity are pushing. We have defeated legislative Amnesty 6 times before and we need your immediate donations to defeat it again.

If they pass legislative Amnesty, then we are in real trouble.

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Then after defeating legislative Amnesty in the US Congress by appealing to the candidates for Congress that ALIPAC just helped to win their races, we need to lead the powerful political backlash against Obama and his Amnesty into the 2014 elections.

We believe that the increased power of the 2014 backlash will help us exceed our historic gains of 2010 and that we can protect more American votes by 2014! Read Details on the Revolution of 2014 Here.

ALIPAC activists have helped to get the illegal alien voters removed in Florida, Georgia, and Colorado this year. We believe we can secure more states by 2014 with your support.

If we stop legislative Amnesty now and lead the backlash of 2014, then we have a chance to restore the Rule of Law with a new emboldened Congress and we can restore the reversal of illegal immigration in America and begin saving lives and jobs again.

Unfortunately, we will have to continue to read about more American children being raped and killed by illegal alien invaders and more Americans like us being marched out of our homes due to foreclosures caused by outsourcing and illegal immigrant theft of jobs. However, having a chance to put the illegal aliens on the run again in 2 years sure beats making plans for unending waves of millions more illegals being pumped in to bury us and our descendants forevermore.

So please do not consign yourselves and your descendants to the genocidal and national hell that awaits us all should we fail. Please pull yourself together and stand up with us and send in your donations now to prevent ALIPAC from having to close down.

ALIPAC being forced to close would send a clear signal to Congress that you are unable or unwilling to fight Amnesty, or that you approve of of it or that you acquiesce.

That is certainly how the well funded illegal alien invasion supporting groups would spin our closure.

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At the time of this email, I've just finished a 70 hour work week and worked through the weekend.

If any of you have any questions about our plans, our funding needs, our expenditures, or anything else then please write or call me.

Yours in the cause,

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
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