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Thread: Illegal Alien Voter Expert Issues New Warning for 2016

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    Illegal Alien Voter Expert Issues New Warning for 2016

    Illegal Alien Voter Expert Issues New Warning for 2016
    (Press & Organizations Can Find Large Numbers of Illegal Immigrant Voters In Las Vegas Nevada Tomorrow)

    (For National Release)
    Nov. 7, 2016

    Contact: | | (866) 703-0864

    ALIPAC, America's only active Political Action Committee dedicated to stopping and reversing illegal immigration and amnesty, is issuing a dire warning to American voters 24 hours before the November 8 Elections that large numbers of illegal immigrants plan to vote against Donald Trump especially in places like Las Vegas Nevada.

    The PAC plans to resubmit official written complaints about illegal alien voters originally sent to authorities in 2012, on the morning of Tuesday, November 8, 2016, in the hope that a Trump Presidential administration will use the information to secure America's elections from further exploitation by Democrats using illegal voters.

    ALIPAC's warning follows Alec Baldwin's People for the American Way (PFAW) attributing Donald Trump's concerns about illegal immigrant voters, in part, to the PAC's President William Gheen (View Source) and the new viral video of Barack Obama encouraging illegal aliens to commit the dual felonies of registering to vote and voting in US elections. (View Video)

    A Fox News article by Stephen Clark, published October 30, 2010, contained this comment from William Gheen regarding Obama's Justice Department sending out poll observers in 2010, "They're sending them out because the Obama administration is doing everything it can to make sure as many illegal aliens (as possible) vote in 2010 although that is a violation of federal law" (Source)

    William Gheen was banned from Fox News after his last appearance in-studio as the first guest of Election Day November 2, 2010, with Gretchen Carlson on Fox and Friends. Gheen issued an unprecedented warning on live television that Democrats planned to use illegal immigrant voters to stop the wave of Tea Party victories in western states. Gheen's prediction proved true and many sources have emerged in the last six years showing that his assertion was true especially in Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas). In Las Vegas, leaked emails show casino owners ordering middle managers to assist SEIU affiliated unions in bringing illegal workers in the hotels, restaurants, and casinos out to vote en masse for Democrat Senator Harry Reid.

    Now, Hillary Clinton supporting pundits are on many news shows applauding the increase in "Hispanic Voter Registration" in Nevada while claiming these voters will end Donald Trump's Presidential aspirations.

    "I'm glad Donald Trump is saying many of the things I've told audiences over the past 12 years about illegal immigration and illegal immigrant voters. US citizen voters who want to save American elections, jobs, and lives from the perils of illegal immigration must turn out in unprecedented numbers for Trump in tomorrow's elections to counter Obama and Clinton's vast army of illegal alien voters!" said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Democrats are adept at transporting voters to the polls and Trump supporters must find like-minded voters in their peer groups, neighborhoods, and families to Get Out To Vote! This is our Brexit and we are voting to leave the North American Union being forced upon our citizens through destructive levels of legal and illegal immigration."

    ALIPAC's main website (founded on 9/11 2004) at is the world's largest archive of information on the topics of illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, border security, immigration laws, and immigration-related legislation.

    One of the most popular sections of the site is the collection of 48 pages of voter fraud information viewed more than 58,000 times at--

    ALIPAC filed official written complaints with the Clark County, Nevada, board of elections and the Federal Election Commission in November of 2012 following the ground-breaking article titled, "How many noncitizens are registered to vote?" written by Glenn Cook in the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Nov 4 2010. (View Article) . This article reports,

    "Voter registration fraud is not a groundless conspiracy. It is not a hypothetical threat to election integrity.
    In Nevada, a battleground state that could decide the presidency and control of the U.S. Senate, it is real.
    Last week, I met with two immigrant noncitizens who are not eligible to vote, but who nonetheless are active registered voters for Tuesday's election. They said they were signed up by Culinary Local 226."
    While ALIPAC's official complaints with Clark County BOE and FEC were documented by Front Page Magazine's Michael Volpe on November 6, 2012 in the article, "Complaint Filed over Illegal Alien Voters: Tens of thousands may have cast ballots," (VIEW ARTICLE), the Clark County Board of Elections, Nevada State Board of Elections, and Federal Elections Commission refused to answer ALIPAC's formal written complaints as required by law!

    To View ALIPAC's official 2012 complaint (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

    "Donald Trump is America's last hope to stop Democrats and billionaires like George Soros from taking permanent control of the Presidency, the US Supreme Court, and the US House and Senate using an army of illegal alien and Muslim refugee voters," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Our national organization's efforts to warn America are now a banner carried by Donald Trump and his supporters. Should Trump fail to win tomorrow, Hillary Clinton will make sure she brings enough illegals and refugees into America to assure that no political revolution against this tyranny ever stands a chance again. November 8, 2016, is our last chance."

    For more information about ALIPAC's new written complaints to be sent on the morning of Election Day 2016 or to schedule interviews, please visit

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    I hope that every person who votes illegally, multiple times, or undermines our voting process is gone after, given jail time, a fine...and if here illegally...immediate deportation.

    US Citizens need to DEMAND this happens!
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