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    Illegal immigration fighters going to Alabama to help Mo Brooks for US Senate

    Illegal immigration fighters going to Alabama to help Mo Brooks for US Senate

    For National Release | June 10, 2022

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( is sending the group's founder and spokesman, William Gheen, to Alabama next week to support the US Senate campaign of Rep. Mo Brooks because Brooks is the top leader in Congress fighting against illegal immigration and Amnesty.

    "I'm going to Alabama to inform as many Republican voters and national audiences as possible that electing Mo Brooks on June 21 will send a strong message to the DC swamp and the entire nation that Americans want our borders secured, illegal immigration reversed, and our existing border and immigration laws enforced," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Mo Brooks has an exemplary record in Congress standing up for US workers, while his opponent Katie Britt is being funded by DC insider power groups that support nation-destroying Amnesty for illegals and fear Mo Brooks' loyalty to his Alabama constituents."

    William Gheen will be conducting talk radio and media interviews, speaking at events, and encouraging more people to volunteer to help Mo Brooks on the ground in Alabama. At the same time, ALIPAC is launching targeted online ads designed to inform Alabama voters about Brooks' strong record for border security and Katie Britt's Amnesty supporting backers. (View Online Ads HERE)

    The immigration enforcement watchdog organization NumbersUSA has ranked Rep. Mo Brooks lawmaker #1 out of 435 Congressmen in America's Border Security Fight in 2019 after the " eighth straight year that NumbersUSA has graded Congressman Brooks’ border security record at a perfect A+, 100%."

    ALIPAC has endorsed Mo Brooks for US Senate in Alabama's 2022 GOP primary because Brooks' proven record in Congress shows he's "a consistent and strong national leader fighting against illegal immigration and open-borders Amnesty legislation in DC."

    The open US Senate seat in Alabama will likely be decided in the June 21 runoff and not this November since the state leans Republican.

    Alabama voters and American citizens in all states who oppose the Biden / Harris Border Disaster and all of the harm illegal immigration causes innocent US Citizens are encouraged to support Mo Brooks as volunteers and donors at...

    For more information about ALIPAC's efforts to inform voters and inspire more national grassroots support behind the campaign of Mo Brooks for US Senate, please visit


    Support our efforts by sharing, liking, and discussing this online ad at (ALIPAC HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (NUMEROUS SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIONS HERE)

    Volunteer to help the Mo Brooks campaign from within AL or anywhere in America directly by contacting Help ALIPAC fund our online ads and trip to Alabama to help Mo at our secure donations page. What we can afford to do by June 21 is up to you...
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