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Thread: Immigrants Burn Sweden, England, France; America may follow

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    Immigrants Burn Sweden, England, France; America may follow

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    First and foremost, make sure you keep hammering Hatch and McConnell and the rest of the Senate today. The phone lines in these offices are ringing off the hook and some staffers are hiding. You are making an impact! Please follow this link and keep those calls rolling through Friday!

    With so many powerful stories dominating the news, we want to make sure you caught these.

    After entering into the European Union, the citizens of Europe found themselves with wide open borders, hyper immigration, and rampant illegal immigration from the South. Many nations passed forms of amnesty to try to appease the illegal aliens and to "assimilate" them. It did not work.

    France, England, Italy, Greece, all have experienced mass riots and civil unrest caused by their new "immigrant" populations.

    Now, Sweden has joined the list of European nations on fire, and some "immigrants" just beheaded a British soldier on a public street in broad daylight! Of interesting note, many of these populations have been recently disarmed by new gun confiscation laws. During the riots in England, mobs of Muslim immigrants sacked whole neighborhoods and the maximum legal protection the traditional English could use to defend themselves was knives and bats.

    Please understand that if we fail to stop and reverse illegal immigration as ALIPAC intends or if they pass S. 744, it is very likely America will experience this same kind of civil unrest in the future just like the recent immigration related riots in England, France, Italy, and Greece!

    Sweden is Burning & America is next: Muslim 'immigrants' riot to rule with violence!

    Graphic Video of Muslim immigrants rioting in Stockholm

    Graphic Video of Muslims Beheading British Soldier in Street
    While the English press is claiming one of the attackers was born in England, the video shows a man with a foreign accent saying "in our land women have to see the same"

    Remember that Americans fighting to stop Amnesty 2013 and to stop and reverse illegal immigration are fighting to try to prevent Americans from being forced into an economic union and integration similar to Europe. We are fighting to stop America from suffering the fate as Europe and Europe's immigration related instability.

    Call the Senate now and tell them we don't want riots in America like in Europe, which is what we will get if they pass the illegal alien amnesty bill S. 744!

    The ALIPAC Team
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    The death of the soldier in England is a clear wake up call to America uncontrolled immigration is a huge mistake, working our way through the political correctness madness it's clear that many horrible events are caused or completed by those coming into our country no doubt in my mind we must have a better selection process before it's too late.
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