Friends of ALIPAC,

You are invited to attend in person or via remote viewing online an historic conference about illegal immigration being held in scenic Wilmington, NC, on the weekend of August 10-11, 2012.

ALIPAC has been working with local activists, movers, and shakers to offer this event that is the first of its kind for North Carolina. While the focus will be educating the public and lawmakers on the negative impacts of illegal immigration in NC, we hope to expand the event for a more regional focus and other states. It is our hope that this event will provide information useful to illegal immigration fighting activists in all states!

We have a growing list of state and national leaders and lawmakers who are joining us for this historic event. Neighboring states like South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Florida have all taken steps to reduce the negative impacts of illegal immigration, while North Carolina's progress has been very limited. The national supporters of the illegal alien invasion of America consider NC a top priority for their plans.

ALIPAC's President William Gheen will be a speaker at this event and will help conduct workshops and town hall meetings.

This Education and Action Conference is being planned by iiiMPACT and will be hosted by talk radio show host Curtis Wright of The Morning Show on the Beat, 980 WAAV AM

The event begins on Friday, August 10th, with a viewing of Dennis Michael Lynch’s ground-breaking documentary, “They Come to America.” A comprehensive and in-depth look at the reality and the costs of illegal immigration in America, this movie will help to educate the public on this issue on the national level.

SATURDAY, August 11, at the Schwartz Center (610 N. Front St., Wilmington, NC, 28401), we’ll get local with speakers, candidates, and state and local officials and citizens, starting with small workshops on specific aspects affecting North Carolina and continuing on to a Town Hall style panel discussion in the afternoon. Lunch will be provided with several keynote speakers from North Carolina. Attendees will come away with a wealth of knowledge about the issues themselves, the actions of their elected officials, and what can be done to protect our citizens while maintaining legal immigration laws.

We will soon release the list of guest speakers, lawmakers, and presenters you will meet at this event. Please send us your recommendations on anyone you would like to see invited.

This event will be broadcast live to the nation on the Internet so you can participate from any state in America!

Please save the date and plan to attend if possible. We will also send lodging suggestions soon.

For more details about the iiiMPACT illegal immigration conference or to register to attend the event, please visit | iiimpact