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    Know Thy Ballot and Watch the Baby in the Bath Water

    by William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    As many of us foretold in 2004, illegal immigration is now a top issue in America. The immigration issue is hot in most states coast to coast, Hawaii included in 2006.

    Almost every candidate is singing the same song that they are for border security and against AMNESTY as if to say they support truth, justice, and the American way. This year the danger is in what many of them do not say.

    Border security will be useless if Congress passes a Guest Worker Program. And if we allow illegal aliens to stay in our nation presently here, the next 20 million illegals that will rush into America will not be stopped by any size wall.

    The public wants to know if political candidates are going to try and pass a Guest Worker or Temporary Worker program to allow illegal aliens currently in the US to stay or not. Americans want the illegals to leave. Big business and the US Chamber of Commerce wants them to stay.

    Most candidates today claim they are against amnesty for illegals; however, simpy changing current laws to allow illegal aliens to remain or continuing lax enforcement of existing laws is de facto Amnesty. Amnesty means the illegals get to stay. Simply put, Guest Worker, Temporary Worker, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and earned citizenship all equal AMNESTY!

    Another cliche that confronts us is the misguided statement we hear everyday that "Our immigration system is broken." I almost wish this statement were true. The real facts are much more daunting. Our immigration system is not broken; our nation and Republic is broken and its immigration is only one of its shortcomings.

    What the American public must quicklyl realize is that the root of the problem is that the Executive Branch of the US Government is not enforcing our existing laws. This means that your elected representatives, both Democrats and Republicans, were wasting their time and your tax dollars when they passed the immigration enforcement laws that a majority of Americans support.

    It also means that your votes for your elected Representatives have been neutralized or nullified. Simply put, the failure of the Executive Branch to adequately enforce our existing immigration laws which are supported by over 4 out of 5 Americans means you no longer live in a Republic for which our flag once stood.

    Article 4 of the US Constitution guaranteeing all states protection from armed, semi-armed, and unarmed invasion is being ignored. Article 11 of the US Constitution granting Congress the power to set uniform immigration laws is being ignored. The Constitutional requirements and Oath of Office requiring the President of the United States to enforce the will of the public via the Congress are being ignored.

    Let's face it and point our fingers directly at the core of the problem; the American form of self governance has fallen, and we no longer really live in a representative Democracy known as a Republic if we do not turn this thing around.

    All Americans, regardless of race, gender, and party affiliation need to rally around those running for Congress that are willing to stand up for the enforcement of our existing laws. Even those that are squeamish about immigration enforcement must realize that if we cannot correct this failure in our government, then it does not matter what you think about the Iraq War, Gun Rights, Abortion, Taxes, or the Environment. If the corporations get to have their way and get to keep the illegal aliens work force they love over the will of the American public and our elected officials, then all of the other issues you care about mean nothing!

    The process has been derailed, your views and votes mean nothing, and in short it does not matter what you think. If the 80% of Americans that want our constitutional protections and existing laws to mean something cannot win on immigration, then all other issues have no hope. You have become subjects, serfs, slaves, those that are ruled. You should prepare yourself to fight this on our side or prepare yourself to keep your head down like a good slave. You can always hope that what your Globalist corporate masters have planned for you next is not worse than the 3rd world invasion of your once stable and enjoyable nation.

    After all, this is how humanity lived before the birth of the Western Democracies. We are returning to the past and now financial and corporate influences threaten to rule us from the top down again. With the current state of International commerce, trade policies, and Globalism, America can be taken by a foreign power without a shot fired. Why conquer America when you can buy most of our politicians and extort the rest?

    While there are many corrupt politicians and corporations to blame, the main factor that is causing this crisis is American voter apathy, gullibility, and complacency. This apathy empowers billion dollar drug and human importing cartels and gangs.

    The American public can share blame. Loss of American character traits necessary to sustain a free nation are to blame. Your rulers are treating you like cattle and they can get away with it, because so many Americans are willing to be treated like cattle. Also, with the decline in real wages VS. inflation in our nation, most of you are working two jobs just to keep afloat with your taxes and debt payments, if you are still afloat at all.

    Sensing the approach of the cattle cars, the American herd is angry and ready to lash out with a mentality of "Throw them all out of office!"

    It sounds like a very tempting slogan, but the painful results of such a blind and final charge will be that around 25-40% of the time you will be harming those in the US Congress and on the state level that are willing to stand with you.

    Good farmers know how to herd their cattle and cattle are moved to the slaughter with cattle prods and dogs.

    Today in America, the electorate is moving towards the Democrats who are ready and willing to take their votes and pass amnesties for illegal aliens and throw us all deeper into this illegal immigration crisis.

    How unfortunate this will be because the answer appears to be that we need more Republicans in office, not less.

    By reviewing campaigns on the state and federal level the real battle lines are not between Democrats and Republicans. The real battle line is between populist conservatives VS liberals and neoconservatives (Aka Rhino's Republicans In Name Only).

    The Open Borders Lobby, under the banner of the US Chamber of Commerce, could care less about the Party affiliation of politicians. In some states, like North Carolina, they support Democrats. In others they support Republicans. These financial influences are willing to support anyone that will give them what they want which is more control over America than lowly American citizens and consumers.

    For politicians that prove reluctant to sell out the American populace in exchange for perks and the massive campaign contributions required to stay in office, there is always bribery and extortion.

    According to Congressional documents, most illegal aliens are imported into the US by highly organized paramilitary gangs and cartels. Organized crime has always known how to exploit the primary human weaknesses involving sex, drugs and alcohol, and money. How many of our current elected officials have been compromised? How many must do what they are told or face their dark secrets being discussed on CNN and Fox next week?

    So in effect, the American public is in danger of throwing the babies out with the bath water. How many members of Congressman Tom Tancredo's immigration caucus may lose their seats due to the backlash? When voters vote with blinders on, they may destroy or weaken the very people that have held the Guest Worker Amnesty at bay to this point.

    How many populist conservatives on the state level will be penalized because the public wrongly associates them with the Republicans they see running the US Senate and the White House? How many of you even know who will be on your ballot this year?

    Everyone reading this has a phone. You can stop by or call your local board of elections and request a ballot to look at before election day. You can also see sample ballots on your local Board of Elections websites. All you need to do is call everyone on your ballot and ask them for their opinions on illegal immigration.

    By making illegal immigration your top issue, making it your litmus test, and knowing your entire ballot, you can help diffuse this tragedy in the making.

    You will be confronted by cases across the country where your choice is between a Democrat that openly supports Amnesty for illegal aliens and a Republican that says they are against Amnesty but will vote either for a Guest Worker Program amnesty or to expand our current Visa systems. Know the warning signs and terms. Disavow any candidate talking about Comprehensive Reform, Guest Worker, Temporary Worker, or earned citizenship!

    You should vote, but you should refuse to play the lesser of two evils game. The computer programs and models that have allowed the powers that be to accurately predict your voting behavior fall apart when people show up to vote but refuse to play the lesser of two evils game.

    If the outcome will be about the same, why cast your vote either way.

    We at Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) have done our best to provide you with three guides. We have our endorsed candidates list where we are doing our best each day to provide you with candidates that are aligned with the American majority in favor of enforcement.

    We have also provided you with two blacklists, one for the US Congress and one for the US Senate.

    Any member of the US Senate that voted for the S. 2611 AMNESTY BILL is beyond hope and should be removed from office at the earliest political opportunity. That bill contains amnesty and benefits galore for illegal aliens. Any member of the US House, with the exception of JD Hayworth, that voted against the Sensenbrenner bill is also a lost cause.

    We must rally our fellow Americans to get off the couch and pick up the phone and pick up the mouse and know their ballots! We need voters mobilized and focused. Our supported campaigns need checks and volunteers.

    Those of you that are not part of the apathy that is leading to the destruction of our Republic must rise and rally. We know what needs to be done and we can determine who is with us and who is against us.

    Know thy ballot and don't throw the conservative populists' babies out with the political bath water. We need more conservatives in office, but we do not need Democrats and Neo Conservatives willing to give our nation away to illegal aliens, labor unions, and big business!

    Vent your anger on the deserving politicians while protecting and supporting those that stand with you. Pick up the phone with a sample ballot in hand and determine who is friend or foe.

    ALIPAC's 2006 Endorsement Lists

    Senate Black List

    House Black List

    William Gheen is the President of Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee or ALIPAC. He has served on the NC Senate Sgt. At Arms Staff, as a Legislative Assistant, and a registered lobbyist. He is a campaign consultant with over 40 campaigns of experience and is a regular guest on talk radio shows across America.
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    Well said !!

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    Great article William read it in The Conservative Voice and putting the links for candidates in the article was great.
    Freedom isn't free... Don't forget the men who died and gave that right to all of us....
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