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    Lead the charge against the Tillis Schumer Amnesty today!

    We need all of you to take these three simple but powerful steps today to help us DEFEAT Lame Duck Amnesty 2022!

    The pressure on sellout Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) is immense thanks to your activism and the top news show host in America, Tucker Carlson, hitting Tillis hard for supporting Amnesty for illegals on last night's show!

    Step 1: Make Tucker's criticism of RINO Senator Thom Tillis hit harder by watching, commenting, and sharing far and wide by email and social media.

    Tucker Carlson: This is an actual threat to democracy (Shame on Thom Tillis)

    Each view, Like, and comment against Tillis's Amnesty plans with Schumer you can generate for this video will be seen by Tillis's staff and campaign workers and increase public knowledge/response/audience size.

    (109K views at time of this alert)

    Step 2: Join our national and statewide conversation about Tillis on our Facebook page promoted by the ALIPAC Ads you are funding (Help us reach more people by Contributing HERE). As you can see here, our national network of activists is engaging with Tillis voters and constituents from across North Carolina who are seeing the ads you helped fund.

    It is free for you to log in and comment for others to see your opinions on this issue, and you may respectfully engage NC voters commenting under the ad. Each comment you make or reply to leads more viewers to see our ad and make those calls against Amnesty with us!

    Ad Link
    Tell Sen. Tillis to Stop Helping Schumer & Biden Pass Amnesty

    -->> Help us get these numbers higher rapidly. At time of this alert (12 Noon ET 12/7/22) there are 3k reactions, 449 comments, & 861 shares reaching approximately 18,694 people. <<---

    Step 3: We need to hear back from you when you make these calls to Tillis's offices to oppose his Amnesty plans with Biden and Schumer. Did you leave a message? Did you talk to a person? Were they polite or disrespectful? What did they say to you? (Reply to this email with your intel)

    "I'm calling/writing to oppose Sen. Thom Tillis's efforts to help Schumer and Biden give Amnesty, citizenship, benefits, and voting rights to millions of illegal aliens."

    Sen. Thom Tillis DC Office: 202-224-6342
    Charlotte, NC office: 704-509-9087
    Greenville, NC office: (252) 329-0371
    Hendersonville, NC office: 828- 693-8750
    Raleigh, NC office: (919) 856-4630

    Lead the national charge ALIPACers!

    We are having an impact!

    Fight like hell to Stop Lame Duck Amnesty 2022!

    William Gheen and the Team

    PS: You can help us reach approximately 200+ more NC constituents of Thom Tillis with this warning at this critical time for every increment of $10 we raise at...
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