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    Locking In Plans for DC Hold Their Feet To The Fire

    Hold Their Feet To The Fire / Amnesty Alamo Supporters:

    We are now prepared to start sending you suggestions and tips for the effort to STOP Amnesty in Washington April 22-26.

    Please read this message carefully.


    If you have not made your plans for travel and lodging yet, please check the Schedule area and visit the Travel area at We have a volunteer's e-mail listed there to give you a contact person for assistance. We also have a link to the ALIPAC Discussion Boards where people can discuss ride and room shares to save money.

    If you can get to DC, the rest will be made easy for you. There is a lobbying training session on Sunday and there will be more session and material you can hand out at the Phoenix Hotel each morning of these events.

    ALIPAC will have a blogger station setup on the 2nd Floor of the Phoenix Hotel on Blogger Row, next to Radio Row, that you can stop by for help or directions.


    FAIR is asking that people register to let them know how many people are coming. If you want to attend some of the paid events like the Fund Raiser for the Border Patrol Agents, you will need to sign up for that in advance using
    Registration is voluntary. They just want to get some numbers on how many are coming.


    We need your help to spread the word about these DC events and to get more people to sign up at to either come to DC or to support from home. Please visit the site and use the "Tell Your Friends to Join us in DC!" feature found on the left column.


    Please help us search the web for good bloggers. Currently, we have ALIPAC, Save Our State, Chapel Hill Blog, Freedom Folks Blog, Tony Dolz Blog, Digger's Realm Blog and Stop the Invasion participating. You can use our invite at the top of the site to help invite them to contact us.

    For the folks at home, you will receive links soon that will show you where these blogs and organizations will be posting daily content from the effort on the ground in DC.


    If you are coming to DC, please call the offices of your Congressional Representative and both of your US Senate representatives regardless of their positions on illegal immigration. Tell their DC staff that you are coming to DC and you want an appointment to meet with the lawmaker or staff in the open schedule times in DC. You will need to visit these offices, take them material we will have in DC, and tell them that the illegal aliens need to leave America, No Amnesty, start enforcing our existing laws.

    For those of you supporting from home, please contact the local district offices of your Congressional and US Senate Representatives. We want to field as many district office visits as we can.

    We will be making calls and sending e-mails, but the most important thing is that we get as many of you inside the DC and District offices back home as soon as possible April 22-26.

    If you have any questions or need any help, please write us through the website at

    Thank you for signing up and we look forward to working with you.

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
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