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Thread: Look at what non-citizen voters & Silicon Valley Censorship are doing to us

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    Look at what non-citizen voters & Silicon Valley Censorship are doing to us

    Review these lists below and share + discuss by email an on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (PARLER HERE) .. (MINDS HERE) .. (SLUG HERE)

    Special thanks to each of our ALIPAC activists who have worked hard over the last few years to locate, archive, and organize the information necessary to build these two very important lists. Now it is our time to use this compiled information to influence America's policies, elections, and future!

    Our letters to our prior donors containing ALIPAC's Open Letter To America (Review Here) are arriving across the nation today and our letters to GOP incumbents in DC should go out this week!

    We need for both of these lists to be as complete and comprehensive as possible as the audience grows and this info is shared with decision makers. Please remember that an earlier version of our cyber censorship list was entered into the Congressional Record and Library of Congress in 2018.

    Please carefully review both lists and if you can find us documentation of Silicon Valley censorship of conservatives or non-citizens registering and voting in America that are NOT ALREADY LISTED, send us that info or post it below the lists.

    LISTS of Evidence

    List of Conservatives Censored by Silicon Valley companies Facebook, Google, Twitter, PayPal, etc.
    141 Listings (up from 94 in 2019) Last Update: 8/17/20

    Evidence of Non-Citizens Voting In US Elections Collection Point
    Updated August 16, 2020 Number of documented cases: 59

    Remember that each page at including these important lists have easy to use Share features to help you print, email, text message, or social media post these materials to others.

    Support our efforts against non-citizen voters and censorship of your voices at...

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    President Trump needs to sign an EO to deem all Drivers Licenses issued to Illegal aliens as "Null & Void".

    These Democrat run cities and states are harboring, aiding, and abetting illegal aliens making it easier for them to stay in our country. This is in direct violation of our Federal Immigration & Visa Laws. They are NOT above any of our Federal Laws, all states are under the umbrella of our various Federal Laws in this country and we must enforce these Laws.

    Democrats are registering illegal aliens to vote through the DMV! That is foreign collusion in our elections and fraud. They need to be prosecuted for this!

    No more registering anybody to vote at the DMV. That should not be their responsibility to vet these people!

    Apply at the Registrar of Voters Office only, with proper documents and proof of legal U.S. citizenship.
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