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    Major Shift on Trump by Jones & Drudge means significant political sea change

    ** Please read the three articles at the end and reply to this email or share your opinions and reactions with us at **

    Here at, we have led the way in pressuring President Trump to return to this campaign promises on immigration, and we have documented where his actual policies have broken faith with his words.

    It has cost us many supporters who don't want to hear about it, much less acknowledge these problems with Trump or deal with them.

    Hats off to all of you who are still reading our alerts who have the fortitude and dedication to follow the truth no matter which politician disappoints us.

    Today we are reporting a major change at Matt Drudge's Drudge Report and from Alex Jones of InfoWars, which may indicate a major sea change on these issues.

    For many months now, ALIPAC has been the only national organization to lead the charge on holding Trump accountable for his campaign promises on immigration, fighting to stop Silicon Valley censorship, and stopping any type of Amnesty deals for illegals in DC!

    InfoWars and Drudge Report have not engaged President Trump until the last two weeks!

    We believe this is an encouraging sign because these two hard hitters have the power to place more pressure on Trump to honor his MAGA promises and STOP TRYING TO PASS GLOBALIST AGENDA AMNESTY DEAL BILLS WITH KUSHNER AND GRAHAM!

    Alex Jones of InfoWars just put out this fiery video today warning Trump that continued inaction on Silicon Valley censorship, attacks on our civil rights, and elections manipulation will cost him the elections!

    VIDEO: Why Is President Trump Committing Suicide?
    Alex Jones’ Emergency Message To 45

    And after remaining silent about all prior criticisms of Trump at the world's most visited news aggregation site Drudge Report, these two headlines have run in the last two weeks:

    This is a major shift within Trump's base that has the potential to greatly increase ALIPAC's ability to pressure the White House away from Amnesty and towards more border and immigration enforcment.

    Both InfoWars and Drudge Report have played a major role in our past successful battles to stop Amnesty legislation in DC 10 times since 2004.

    ** Please read the three articles at the end and reply to this email or share your opinions and reactions with us at **
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