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Thread: Marco Rubio Is the Next John McCain and Lindsay Graham on Amnesty for Illegals

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    Marco Rubio Is the Next John McCain and Lindsay Graham on Amnesty for Illegals

    June 6, 2012

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

    For many years, real conservatives have had to hold their noses watching US Senators John McCain and his most tender and intimate ally Senator Lindsay Graham. Both have sucked up to liberal Democrats trying to force a nation destroying Amnesty for illegal aliens on the suffering American public despite massive public opposition from most Americans.

    John McCain's name should now be added to history books as the prime example of what happens to a Republican who tries to use racial politics to outdo a Democrat! John McCain is the man in America who did the most to elect the Dictator Barack Obama. Except for George Bush and Karl Rove, John McCain has been the top Republican in America, pushing for Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal aliens.

    If it were not for the historic and massive political uprising of Americans, the McCain Kennedy Graham Amnesty would have already legalized over 10 million illegal aliens. They would be voting in American elections as legal voters, thus destroying the influence of Conservative Americans at the ballot box forevermore.

    The sad thing is when John McCain won the presidential GOP primary in 2008, the vast majority of GOP voters who elected him as the nominee did not accurately know about his support for Amnesty for illegal aliens and the majority of them did not approve of Amnesty according to a poll conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies.

    How sad it is that anyone in the GOP could have missed John McCain on the news each week for months on end, standing arm in arm with liberal icon Ted Kennedy pushing a nation destroying Amnesty which would have permanently displaced GOP voters forevermore in American politics. It is an indictment on the entire political system that so many voters are so utterly misinformed and disinformed yet still voting in elections.

    People who have been drinking alcohol should not drive cars and people who don't take the time to really know what is going on should not vote in important elections.

    We should all remember very clearly that Mitt Romney was the runner up in the 2008 GOP primary mostly because Romney kept slamming John McCain for his support for Amnesty for illegal aliens. Near the end of the race, many of the GOP voters who fought against McCain, Kennedy, and Graham's illegal alien Amnesty rallied to Romney due to his staunch promises to be an immigration law enforcer instead of an illegal alien Amnesty appeaser!

    George Bush left office as one of the most despised presidents in modern history. He had an almost unprecedented low approval rating around 20%, mostly due to his problem with the Republican base, and his support for Open Borders and refusal to enforce existing immigration laws. Bush's low approval ratings coupled with John McCain's support for Amnesty led to a 2.5% drop in Republican voter turnout in the general election of 2008. This combined with a higher than normal turnout from Black voters, along with the many GOP voters supporting Obama, led to the Obama win!

    John McCain and Sarah Palin were marching on to the Spanish language networks like Telemundo and Univision and promising illegal aliens would get Amnesty if they were elected in 2008. Still 67% of Hispanic voters, including many illegal alien voters, voted for Obama!

    Supporting any form of amnesty for illegal aliens, including Marco Rubio's new Republican Dream Act is a good way to lose national elections... see John McCain.

    This is not much of a surprise since Hispanic voters traditionally vote 65% Democrat which means Obama picked up a whopping 2% over the norm against McCain even after McCain did his best to pass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

    Now here we are in 2012 with Mitt Romney as the presumptive GOP nominee and all the liberal pro Amnesty newspapers are crowing about how Romney has a problem with the Hispanic vote because he has taken a tough enforcement only approach to illegal immigration issues. They cite sources who report that over 60% of Hispanic voters are favoring Obama over Romney and falsly assert that this as a response to Romney's tough stances against illegal immigration.

    The truth is that these high Hispanic support numbers for Obama are not the result of Romney's issue positions but these levels of Democratic support have been there for over 20 years. Many Hispanics who support the Democratic party are doing so because the Democrats appeal to them by using taxpayer funded benefits, welfare and by using race baiting strategies to unify minority groups against the predominantly white Republican base which amounts to open and flagrant racism in political action.

    After his embarrassing defeat in 2008, McCain decided he wanted to hang on to his US Senate seat for life so he completely hid under a rock on immigration issues. He was soon challenged by retired Congressman JD Hayworth who was a hawk on border issues.

    To stay in office despite his massively unpopular support for the GOP voter suicide Amnesty legislation, McCain made history by spending over 20 million dollars in negative campaign tactics against JD Hayworth. His campaign used an infomercial Hayworth had done selling information about government grants and used the footage extensively in attack ads. In the end, many Arizona Republican voters sent America the disgusting message that they too support Amnesty for illegal aliens because they supported John McCain! They supported John McCain because they became more worried about a few comments Hayworth made in an infomercial. They ignored the invasion of the United States of America by 12-20 million illegal aliens stealing more than 125 Billion in taxpayer resources each year, untold numbers of American jobs, and killing thousands of Americans each year.

    Either the Diebold Corporation completely has America elections rigged or American voters have become so insulated, blind, disinformed, or manipulated by big money politics that people like McCain have them actually voting for their own replacement at the ballot box by future illegal alien voters and the destruction of the United States. Could it be that untold numbers of illegal aliens are already voting in primaries and general elections? Some of the recent findings in Florida, Colorado, and Georgia suggest that this may be the case.

    We do know that US Senator Harry Reid, a fellow McCain Amnesty Supporter, went into his reelection with only an 8% approval rating but was able to still defeat Tea Party challenger Sharon Angle when all of the major casino and hotel corporations in Las Vegas ordered their illegal alien employees to flood the polls for Reid!

    So while John McCain took his support for illegal alien Amnesty deeply underground in 2010, out came his towel boy US Senator Lindsay Graham from South Carolina. By the Spring of 2010, Lindsay Graham was deep in negations with Barack Obama and his butch Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano on how they could pass Comprehensive Amnesty before the anticipated Tea Party sweep that came in November.

    At ALIPAC, we were watching the situation closely and it appeared that McCain's proxy Senator Graham and Barack Obama had Amnesty for illegal immigrants all lined up in 2010. All the Democrats except for a few defectors would vote for Amnesty and Graham would bring over just enough Republicans to seal the deal. They had us beaten and they were on the verge of ramrodding Amnesty through before the American public got another chance to get it right at the ballot box.

    On April 17, 2010 I made history by using insider knowledge I had of US Senator Lindsay Graham's alternative lifestyle choices in a speech before thousands of people at a Tea Party rally in Greenville South Carolina. The video of my speech went viral on the web and soon made press coast to coast. I had to endure being lampooned by the liberal clowns John Stewart and Steven Colbert on Comedy Central along with many illegal immigration fighters who questioned my tactics.

    I did my best to make it very clear that I was not condemning Graham for being a homosexual. I told everyone that my concern was that his lifestyle was being kept a secret while Obama and Napolitano, and other DC power brokers, knew his secret and might be using that to motivate his compliance on a nation destroying mass Amnesty for illegal aliens!

    Eight days later, US Senator Lindsay Graham backed away from the negotiating table with Obama and Napolitano and their pre election Amnesty push disintegrated. I became known as the man in America who defeated their attempt.

    A lot of people acted like I had slapped a woman or something rude like that, and in a way I guess I did. Ironically, in 2011 when a gay liberal blogger in New York threatened to release pictures and ask questions about a young male regular overnight guest of Senator Graham's, in response to Graham's negative comments about rescinding the US Military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, there was not a peep from all the leftist pundits who attacked me.

    It appears that I hit the nail on the head with my tactic with Senator Graham and that one is only allowed to threaten to expose a gay member of the US Senate if doing so benefits gay groups, the Left, and illegal aliens!

    Since my famous or infamous speech, depending on your personal opinion made national news, US Senator Lindsay Graham's support levels have dropped to very low points in South Carolina . He now has more support from Democrats than he does Republicans. and he has even been going around trying to suck up to Tea Party groups which he was flagrantly bashing back in 2009 and early 2010! Unless Graham can turn things around, he is great danger of losing his seat due to the severe drop in support following my speech.

    When I returned to speak in South Carolina in 2011, and at a Tea Party event in NC the same year, I received a great deal of applause and support when I mentioned what I had done dealing with the illegal alien amnesty supporter Lindsay Graham the year before.

    The truth is that John McCain and Lindsay Graham are assets to the globalists responsible for planning and supporting the illegal alien invasion of America and the planned overthrow of the mostly moderate to Conservative Americans dominating American politics since our nation's founding in 1776 using illegal alien voters. They have been through so many tough battles that they are now damaged goods and no longer able to be effective in the public eye pushing amnesty.

    This leads us now to the new GOP champion of Amnesty for illegal aliens, the young and ambitious Marco Rubio!

    US Senator Marco Rubio previously served as the Speaker of the House of Florida where he protected illegal alien workers, students, taxpayer resource thieves, and killers of Americans by blocking over 30 of our bills designed to protect Americans from illegal immigrants.

    Marco Rubio did not work against these bills or vote against them, instead he used his power in true dictatorial fashion to stop the bills from ever being debated or voted on in the Florida legislature. He did this despite the massive amount of calls, emails, and faxes rolling in from citizens supporting the bills.

    No wonder the illegal immigration invasion supporting globalists love Marco Rubio so much! He is willing to use raw power to overcome the American majority and is willing to side with their special interest groups against the 80% of Americans who want illegal immigration stopped!

    Also, just like John McCain and Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio is willing to let his office phones go unanswered thus ignoring Americans opposing his Amnesty plans 5 to 1! This is why Marco Rubio was recently invited to make a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which openly supports the merging of economies and labor markets (including illegal alien workers) in Canada, America, and Mexico into what they call a "North American Community". We at ALIPAC have dubbed it the North American Union to warn our fellow Americans about this plot and what it really means.

    I can remember clearly how I stood outside John McCain's Senate offices in Washington counting as your calls came in against his amnesty bill in 2007. Your calls were beating the illegal alien supporters by more than 50 to 1 according to my count, but John McCain did not listen to you and Marco Rubio is showing us he is the same.

    So we all have to wonder if Marco Rubio is willing to betray America by supporting his new form of the Dream Act Amnesty because of raw ambition or do the globalists have dirty laundry on Marco Rubio like Lindsay Graham?

    The big sales pitch for Marco Rubio's version of the Dream Act Amnesty is that he claims he will have federal laws changed for illegal immigrants to allow them to remain in the United States instead of being made to leave as current law and the US Constitution dictate. Rubio says illegals meeting certain criteria would be given special permits that would allow them to stay and work, but not to vote.

    While that sounds so soothing and reassuring at face value, there are several big lies here as usual with all illegal alien invasion supporters and Amnesty proponents.

    First, all of us watching these issues closely know that Dream Act Amnesty type bills are designed to be sugar to get Americans to swallow the Amnesty poison. The goals of these behind this invasion is to implement Amnesty for all illegal aliens and sugar coat piecemeal legislation like Rubio's "Amnesty Lite" as the first steps on the slippery slopes of full Amnesty.

    Second, anyone with any sense knows that liberal activist judges in America can't wait to get their hands on court cases that would soon follow any such legislation. The courts will not allow Congress to create a permanent caste of second class citizens deprived of voting rights for long. Marco Rubio and his buddies at the CFR know this and Rubio's Amnesty plan would simply allow the courts instead of lawmakers, fearful of the wrath of voters, to make the nation destroying Amnesty complete.

    Now, if there is anyone reading this who does not understand how Amnesty will destroy the nation it works like this. America is currently under siege by 12-20 million illegal aliens who are harming Americans in numerous ways and are being catered to, encouraged, and facilitated by traitors within our own government and global corporations. Many of these corporations are tied to billionaires like George Soros and sovereign wealth funds for China and Saudi Arabia. If you are not familiar with all of the death and destruction caused by illegal aliens, their theft of elections, their theft of hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer resources, their colonization of America that sends American citizens running, then please drop by our archives at and put in a few hours of reading and learning before it is too late!

    Any form of Amnesty which allows illegal aliens to stay, further destroys America's border and immigration enforcement credibility which leads to more illegal immigration. Any form of Amnesty which leads to eventual voting rights for illegal aliens will permanently displace the defenders of America like me at the ballot box thus leaving America's immigration immune system permanently destroyed. So picture yourself, or your children, or grandchildren swimming in a sea of the next 20 million illegals who will be here soon if Amnesty passes.

    Illegal immigration is being used by elites as a nation building tool to create a new super nation above America at the expense of 'We the People' of America. Our self governance and ability to chart our own course as a nation is being usurped and overthrown while to our dismay most of you don't know or understand this.

    So Marco Rubio's new trick pony Amnesty plan is moving forward! He is already meeting with invasion supporting Democrats like the reptilian, slime ball Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Chicago who has already pledged his racist support for Rubio's Amnesty plan.

    It is very important that you understand what is happening here and that you share this information with others rapidly, because the Press is really building Marco Rubio up as a likely running mate for Mitt Romney. Romney has promised all that he is going to force most illegal aliens to leave America through attrition enforcement. If he changes that position or picks Marco Rubio as a VP we will all know he cannot be trusted on any issue and will have to swing in to opposing both Romney and Obama as mutual servants of the illegal alien invasion architects.

    If Mitt Romney changes his stances against illegal immigration, or modifies them with an Amnesty provision, or endorses Amnesty by selecting Marco Rubio, whose name is quickly becoming synonymous with illegal alien Amnesty, just like McCain and Graham, then Dictator Barack Obama's chances of being reelected will increase greatly.

    Sure, many conservatives will continue to support Romney out of fear of Obama. However, many conservative voters who study the issues extensively in this nation will know that the globalists once again have American voters trapped between an Amnesty supporting Democrat and an Amnesty supporting Republican and this will create a political down draft that will greatly harm grass roots conservative candidates from coast to coast!

    The 2010 Tea Party Revolution was a success because we did not have a George Bush or John McCain pushing Amnesty for illegal aliens at the top of the elections as we had in 2008 and 2006. Unfortunately, the Tea Party Revolution was stalled in the US Senate thanks to waves of illegal alien voters turning out for candidates like Senator Harry Reid in Las Vegas.

    In 2008, McCain and Graham's push for Amnesty suppressed conservative voter turnout. In 2006, George Bush came out two weeks before the election praising Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty generating a huge drop in his approval numbers and costing many Republican candidates their races due to the downdraft caused by such Amnesty talk.

    The global elites want us all in political checkmate on Amnesty! Then they can proceed with the full overthrow of free speech rights in America, followed by the overthrow of the 2nd Amendment and the disarmament of the American population. They have made these plans very clear and if you don't know this already then take the 'red pill' soon.

    They have Barrack Obama acting like a dictator and overseer by forging Amnesty for illegal aliens through Executive Branch memos that directly conflict with existing US immigration laws and the US Constitution!

    It may be that their endgame is to get Marco Rubio running as Romney's VP thus creating a great deal of dismay and down draft for true conservative candidates across America. This would lead to the Democrats retaking the US House which would allow their nation destroying agenda to proceed with lightning speed! A liberal Democrat or a liberal Republican in the White House coupled with a liberal Congress would make legislation designed to give amnesty to illegals, silence free speech on talk radio and the web, and restrict gun ownership would likely to pass and that scenario can be forged by Mitt Romney flip flopping on illegal immigration before November of 2012!

    So if you are an American, who is a conservative candidate running for Congress, Lt Governor or even dog catcher you need to get on the phones to Romney and others to pull the rug out from under Marco Rubio's current support levels. If you are an American who wants illegal immigration to stop, or you want your votes, jobs, tax monies, schools, and neighborhoods not stolen by illegal aliens, then you need to stand up against Marco Rubio right away!

    John McCain and Lindsay Graham have been put on the sidelines thanks to your hard work warning people about what they have really been up to in Washington. Now it is time to add Amnesty supporter Marco Rubio and his "Republican Dream Act" legislation to your political opponents list ASAP!

    God willing, if enough Americans will end their apathy and search for the truth and rise up with the political revolution, we may be able to overcome those that are instigating the controlled demolition of the United States of America.

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    I see little difference between Rubio and Obama both progressive opportunist simply with different brands, more interested in-self rather then America.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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    John McCain's name should now be added to history books as the prime example of what happens to a Republican who tries to use racial politics to outdo a Democrat! John McCain is the man in America who did the most to elect the Dictator Barack Obama. Except for George Bush and Karl Rove, John McCain has been the top Republican in America, pushing for Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal aliens.

    Marco Rubio would agree with John McCain and (dual-citizen) Juan Hernandez.

    RELATED ..

    Amnesty Alert: Warn the Nation about McCain and Hernandez!

    John McCain has deployed Open Borders advocate Juan Hernandez as the National Director of Hispanic Outreach for his Presidential campaign.

    Juan Hernandez used to work for Mexican President Vicente Fox, he has dual US and Mexican citizenship, and is a regular guest on major news networks where he advocates amnesty for illegal aliens and the free flow of people across the US and Mexican border.

    Juan Hernandez worked for the Mexican government as the head of the "Presidential Office for Mexicans Abroad".

    Hernandez has been a flagrant advocate for giving amnesty, US driver licenses, and banking services to illegal aliens.

    He is the author of a book titled "The New American Pioneers: Why Are We Afraid of Mexican Immigrants?" where he compares illegal aliens in the US with the original European pioneers on this continent.

    Juan Hernandez has stated to the media that he advocates a "Mexico First" philosophy for Mexican Americans (legal and illegal) living in the United States!

    Juan Hernandez advocates the free flow of people across US Borders to "establishing a new North American market combining the U.S. Mexico"

    Hernandez has also defended illegal alien identity thieves and other illegal alien criminals that have harmed Americans.

    Please contact John McCain's campaign and ask him why he has Juan Hernandez on his staff!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ALIPAC View Post
    The truth is that these high Hispanic support numbers for Obama are not the result of Romney's issue positions but these levels of Democratic support have been there for over 20 years. Many Hispanics who support the Democratic party are doing so because the Democrats appeal to them by using taxpayer funded benefits, welfare and by using race baiting strategies to unify minority groups against the predominantly white Republican base which amounts to open and flagrant racism in political action.

    RELATED ..

    Romney Pitches to Hispanic Voters, Vows to Be President of ‘All Americans’

    But it’s an uphill climb for Romney with Hispanic voters, and that was palpable in Texas Tuesday, when a small group of protestors chanting “Education not deportation” disrupted the event. Romney’s immigration plan includes what he called "self-deportation” to get illegal immigrants to return to their home countries, where they can then apply for legal citizenship.
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    Startup Act 2.0: House lawmakers introduce Senators’ immigration reform bill

    “Now is the time to act — not after the election, not next year,” Senators Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), Mark Warner (D-Va.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Chris Coons (D-Del.), Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) said in a joint statement on Wednesday. “Other countries are not taking this year off. Neither should we. These are bipartisan ideas with bicameral support — it’s time for Washington to come together to pass Startup Act 2.0, strengthen the economy, and create jobs.”
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