Today we are racing to dust off ALIPAC's emergency email back up system due to the low response to our funds drive. Many thanks to all of you that donated last evening to help us raise $300 of the $500 in matching funds offered by our veteran ALIPAC supporter!

We still have $200 in unmatched funds and now all operations at ALIPAC are halted and our situation is very dire! If we do not increase the amount of attention to our funds drive and raise more funds soon we will not even make our June 19 deadline.

We want ALIPAC to be affordable for our supporters and we really appreciate all of the $10 and $20 donations coming in.

But to run an effective national organization that is capable of delivering the many victories over the illegal immigration backers ALIPAC has achieved (See List click here) we must also have donors that contribute amounts of $100, $250, $500, and $1000 to reach our goals!

Emergency Emails are going out soon. Time to hit the financial panic switch! We exist by popular demand and if you want ALIPAC to be able to continue fighting against illegal immigration and amnesty we need to hear from you right away at either...

ALIPAC, PO Box, 30966 Raleigh, NC 27622


PS: The GOP Primary in NC is in only 7 days and while we have done what could on the funds you have provided to fight the amnesty backers fighting to return to Congress where they can betray you all, we need immediate help to fight on!