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Thread: More Volunteers Needed for fight against illegal immigration

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    More Volunteers Needed for fight against illegal immigration

    ALIPAC Supporters,

    At this time, we need to call for more volunteers in the fight against illegal immigration and new training for our online activists. ALIPAC's online activists have been legendary in this fight over the last 10 years, but the time has come for us to change our methods in some ways while asking you to participate in some of our tried and true methods as well.

    Use e-mail alerts and keep social media secondary

    We realize that 90% of you are now using social media like Facebook and Twitter and while this can help our cause, you must believe us when we tell you that our team is going to lose in those arenas!

    Fighting on Facebook is like trying to win in the long run in a casino and the house will always win! If you are relying on Facebook and Twitter to learn what is going on, then please change your habits! We need everyone on our email alerts at and we need everyone to respond to the requests in our emails to take volunteer actions! Website Changes and upgrades

    ALIPAC is now much faster, our homepage is our forums, you can find the latest alerts in the top Announcements Section, and is now mobile device user friendly. Try visiting with your smart phone, ipads, and tablets, and report any problems or suggested improvements to

    If our mobile version does not kick on automatically use the switch on the lower left of our site to switch from ALIPAC 2012 to Default Mobile Style (found on the left of the lower blue tool bar of each page at

    We soon hope to have an easy to use App in place for you as well! You should now always see ALIPAC's latest email alert posted in Red above each section of our forums.

    Help us reboot

    A few years back when many of you were using websites and forums like ours at, we were winning many battles and losing a few. Now that most people have migrated to social media like Facebook where things are controlled by pro amnesty and pro illegal immigration supporters like Mark Zuckerberg, we lose more than we win!

    So the answer is in getting more of you to join our efforts at


    Please make sure you review our forum rules before you join. You can find them at this link....

    Our volunteer moderators are there to help you so please accept their help and guidance in a friendly way. Using our website is harder than using social media like Facebook, but when you log in, visit, read, comment, and take other volunteer actions on, you are fighting on a platform that is CONTROLLED BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION OPPONENTS LIKE William Gheen of ALIPAC.

    We have special projects coming up that will need more help from people who know how to read and post on our website!

    Each time you visit, read, or comment at, you can then copy and paste the links to things you feel are important into social media like Facebook and Twitter to direct people back to our home base of activism!

    ALIPAC Forum Sections and Posts

    Each time you visit now, you will see the main section at the top called Announcements. This is our most important section because it contains our email alerts that ask you to take action. Make sure you visit announcements and take action on both the newest alert and our older alerts as there is plenty to do! Also, you can ask questions, make suggestions, or just make supportive comments.

    WHEN YOU MAKE A COMMENT AT, it will be seen by thousands of people and draw more Americans to our site. When you make a comment on Facebook, they limit who can see it to a handful of folks and it quickly disappears into the darkness on the net!

    We also want you to monitor our News and General Discussion sections as often as possible because....

    THE NEWS AND GENERAL DISCUSSION areas of need to filled with any articles or blogs you find on the web or see in your local news. We need you to be our eyes and ears for your part of America and make sure any developments or reports involving illegal immigration are placed into our archives!

    It is up to you and our current active Forum users NEED MORE REINFORCEMENTS FAST!

    See the bigger picture

    While we do our best to compile important alerts and press releases and articles for you, reading our forums and occasionally making comments or posting articles you find on your own will help you to see the bigger picture regarding the illegal alien invasion of America.

    Each morning our top activists log in at and by reading the additions and comments on the website we have a birds eye view of the national battlefield.

    And while all of this information can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to manage and process at first, we need more of you in the thick of it with us!

    Friendly Team and Multimedia

    We have a friendly team of volunteers who are already active at and who look forward to your arrival and participation. Many of them have been with us 5-10 years and, while we all do not always agree, we enjoy working together as a team of dedicated patriots.

    You may send messages called "private messages" at to William Gheen via user name ALIPAC or to any of our users, and your messages are truly private unlike on Facebook where each message you send is then shared with the Federal government, large corporations, and third party nations like China and Saudi Arabia and Facebook's Muslim moderators in Morocco.

    With a little practice you can learn how to post articles, pictures, videos, and social media memes that other activists can see, share, and utilize. There is even a spell checker program to help cover up typos.

    So please heed our call for volunteers by creating a new posting account or reactivating your old one at by taking the following steps...

    1. Visit and select Register.
    2. Create a username nickname that does not reflect your real name.
    3. Await moderator approval of your account.
    4. Log in and make sure you check the box that says REMEMBER ME to stay logged in for long periods of time.
    5. Start visiting as often as possible and start commenting, debating, suggesting, and learning how to post articles, pictures, and videos.
    6. Please stick with it for several weeks until you learn the ropes and become acclimated with our operations.

    We hope to see more of you volunteering at soon. Please feel free to send any questions, concerns, or requests for assistance to

    The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Remember you can manually switch from ALIPAC 2012 (regular view) to Default Mobile Style (found on the left of the lower blue tool bar of each page at
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    More help would be WONDERFUL!!
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    I gave up on Facebook several years ago, but word to the wise, you can never leave Facebook. It is that devious. Your information is just suspended forever. I honestly could not delete the information I already entered-- the message read something like: sorry you are leaving us but, rest assured, your information will be stored and ready for you when you reactivate your account. Well, that will be a cold day in hell. Didn't take me long to see that Zuckerberg is all about the money and controlling the message. Don't be fooled. Shut down your facebook page/account now! Allen Ginsberg said "Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture." I would also advise shutting off your TV. Most of what you will see on your machine is propaganda, right, left and up the middle.

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    Well we your posts and participation are certainly welcome here at ALIPAC noam23noam!

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