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Thread: New Tools at ALIPAC for the Fight Against Illegal Immigration

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    New Tools at ALIPAC for the Fight Against Illegal Immigration

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We have new tools for you to use in the fight against illegal immigration and some tips that will come in handy in the coming weeks as we fight the Amnesty blitz coming after Easter!

    First, we have upgraded our website at to now include Social Share icons above each article on our homepage (where you click to see the whole article) and each post in our popular Forums area. The Forums are where activists like you bring in articles from all parts of America related to illegal immigration and Amnesty. The homepage is where our activists put the top stories for those of you in a rush to review each day.

    You can now easily share these posts and articles with larger audiences by clicking on the Social Share features at the top. You can click on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or the orange Share button which opens up e-mail sharing and just about every other social media known to man. To use these new features you will need to practice and in fact, we hope you will go to and test the new features now.

    Are the new Social Share features working correctly for you? How is the website's speed and responsiveness? Please test these and report any problems or concerns you detect by posting to our discussion of this test by replying to this email or posting at this link below...
    (Discussion Link)

    E-mail sharing precaution

    If you prefer to share our articles and releases by forwarding the e-mail alert you receive from, please always remember to remove the "Unsubscribe" language at the bottom of each email we send. Otherwise, someone down the line who receives your email may unsubscribe you by clicking that feature, thus removing you from the ALIPAC Action Network that you need to fight illegal immigration and Amnesty 2013.

    We really want you forwarding all of our emails, but please do so without the Unsubscribe feature.


    Website Ads

    Due to severe financial struggles last year, we added online ads to all of ALIPAC's websites. While slightly annoying at times, our sites now look like most of the other websites you see on the web and interact with daily.

    These ads have really helped our budget a great deal. We do not pick the ad content shown on our site, but we do have the ability to block any companies we do not want to advertise on our site. Our volunteers have decided to allow immigration attorney ads to display at ALIPAC as such ads are consistent with legal immigration, however now ads offering help to illegal immigrants, Amnesty for illegals, or help with deportation cases will not be allowed.

    We need your help with this. If you see an ad at ALIPAC or one of our other sites that clearly is designed to help illegal aliens or an illegal alien supporting group like the DNC, La Raza, etc., or an immigration attorney ad that mentions Amnesty or deportation help, please email with the content of the ad and the website URL the ad links to so we may block it.

    Hopefully, our ads will improve your time spent at ALIPAC by providing you with information and products related to the content in which you are interested. We will continue to do our best to keep any ads counter to our goals off the site; please help us if you see one we miss or that was newly added by the ad company.


    These new easy to use Social Sharing tools, combined with the new supporters streaming in from the news of the new Amnesty push for illegal aliens, combined with our activism methods, can help us to reach millions of Americans to do what needs to be done to restore the reversal in illegal immigration we had previously achieved in 2010-2011.

    We appreciate your support and volunteer actions on behalf of our cause.

    Remember, you may also sign up for an account to post at and your comments help us to do our job better, can influence what happens with cases and issues, and are eventually read by many thousands of visitors.

    If you have any websites or blogs under your control, you can use our "Links" feature on the top blue tool bar to help us increase traffic to the world's largest archive of info on this invasion at

    Any links in to our websites below are greatly needed and appreciated.

    If you have any questions or comments about these matters please contact us or post at this link...
    (Discussion Link)

    Yours in the cause,

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
    End Illegal Immigration. Stop Illegal Immigration
    Call for the Resignation or Impeachment of President Barack Obama below!
    William Gheen of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC) | Facebook
    William Gheen - The Gheen Report
    William Gheen | A collection of articles & interviews with William Gheen
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