Well, folks! What a year of Treason and betrayal 2023 has been.

The corrupt, compromised, and failed Biden-Harris administration has decided on their own to give illegal aliens ID cards in 2024 and a defacto Amnesty after coming through the "Ellis Island" stations at our forced open borders!

The feds are enacting, illegally and unconstitutionally, through acts of Treason, all of the illegal alien invasion supporting components ALIPAC helped defeat in legislation in DC year after year since 2004. In doing so, the Executive Branch of the US Government has been turned into the BIGGEST THREAT TO DEMOCRACY and the BIGGEST THREAT TO AMERICA AND AMERICANS!

The current illegitimate occupiers of our White House have nullified the outcome of past elections and legislative votes to conduct this deadly invasion with millions of illegals headed to the ballot boxes in 2024 to VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS and AGAINST YOU!

A brave supporter has just offered a $500 match to help ALIPAC come out swinging against these traitors with all we can muster next week. Will you please take a moment for New Year's Eve, to donate $10, $25, $50, or $100+ to match this 500 and help us give em hell?

Please send in your support in these final hours of 2023 via our secure contributions page at...


Happy New Year,

William Gheen