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    Nightly Report From Front Lines against illegal alien invasion

    This is the first of 13 nightly reports I will be emailing to you between now and our fundraising deadline of Midnight Sunday, Oct 23.

    This morning we renewed our efforts to warn American citizens about the vast amount of evidence and information we have indicating that large numbers of illegal aliens, felons, and deceased persons are about to vote for Hillary Clinton by Nov 8! If you support our efforts we need your backing right away at

    We are now moving to collect that information up, along with the reports and videos you need to see regarding your physical security both during the elections and in the immediate aftermath, into easier to peruse special sections at The BLM, Illegal Alien backing groups, anarchists, Black Panthers, and SEIU thugs are all going to be at the polls waiting on you so we are going to help you any way we can via ALIPAC! Your polling station's security level will vary greatly depending on where you live!

    We have received very few reply letters from our mailer so far. Please remember we put our last remaining funds into that mail. IF YOU RECEIVED OUR LETTER, PLEASE MAIL IN YOUR RESPONSE RIGHT AWAY!

    We have only 13 days until the deadline and we are so thankful to each of you that recently donated to have your funds matched by a $1,000 donor!

    Tonight we stand at $10,481 of the minimum of $30,000 we must raise by Oct 23!

    We need more larger donors willing to help match or triple funds from smaller donors. If you can dedicate $250, $500, $1,000 or more to help us fight on through the election and 2015 please email us soon to discuss matching funds offers.

    If you cannot afford larger donations, please donate at least $25 per year to ALIPAC's fight against illegal immigration.

    Please send us your yearly support right away via our secure online donations page! WE MUST RAISE A GOOD DEAL OF FUNDS EACH NIGHT OTHERWISE OUR BATTLE AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ENDS WITH THIS ELECTION.

    PS: Donald Trump really won that debate big time last night. If you have not seen the parts where the fly lands on Hillary or when Trump tells her he's going to prosecute her if he becomes President is amazing! Here is the whole debate for your convenience if you missed it. Please email your feedback and comments to

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