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Thread: Obama Amnesty Supporting GOP Governors Offices Changing Tune Today!

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    Obama Amnesty Supporting GOP Governors Offices Changing Tune Today!

    ALIPAC Activists,

    Yesterday, your calls to the 6 GOP Governors whose states are either silent on or supporting Obama's "Executive Action" on amnesty for illegals were met with resistance especially in Iowa and Maryland where their staff tried to deny that the states of Iowa or Maryland were even supporting Obama! But your persistence and citation of The Hill magazine's report (click here) and the actual "friend of the court" document (click here) proving that Iowa and Maryland along with 10 other states are supporting Obama's unconstitutional lawless amnesty orders prevailed! SPECIAL NOTE: When we went to provide you a link to the court documents we found that that the Washington State Attorney General took that document offline in the last 24 hours! Click the link to see for your self. We are now sending out this press release...

    Obama Amnesty Decree Support Documents Hidden by WA State Attorney General's Office

    We located a new copy of the brief with the proof of each state's AG signature at the bottom and if this document disappears we have a saved copy. (click here)

    While Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, is supporting Obama's amnesty edicts through silence and acquiescence on the matter, the other five states are listed on the court documents as supporting Obama's lawless amnesty!

    Today, we have just called all 6 of the GOP Governors that we have been targeting with calls.

    These six states are singing a different tune today and have polite staffers that will say nothing other than, "Thank you for calling, we are keeping a tally of your views and passing them to the Governor."

    This tells us 2 things. One, these offices today are in damage control mode. Two, they are trying to get the illegal alien supporters to call these offices to manufacture the impression that there are sizable numbers of people in America who support Obama's actions when the polling data shows us that is less than 26% compared to the 62% of us who oppose this!

    The illegals will be calling these Governors today so make sure you call to register your voice and say...

    "I'm calling to tell Governor ________ to stop his/her state from supporting Obama's awful, destructive, illegal, and unconstitutional amnesty actions for illegals and to change course and join the 26 states suing to stop Obama instead!"

    Call each office no matter what state you are in and then try to get others to follow your lead....

    Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois--Phone: 217/782-0244 Fax: 217/524-4049
    Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa--Phone: 515/ 281-5211 Fax: 515/281-6611
    Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland--Phone: 410/974-3901 Fax: 410/974-3275
    Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts--Phone: 617/725-4005 Fax: 617/727-9725
    Governor Suzanna Martinez of New Mexico--Phone: 505/476-2200 Fax: 505/476-2226
    *Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey--Phone: 609/292-6000 Fax: 609/777-2922
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