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    Only 12 hours remaining to save ALIPAC

    ALIPAC activists,

    We are down to the final 12 hours of our first funds drive of 2015. We are currently at $25,670 of our minimum operations budget of $30,000! We have new matching funds offers of $2,000 from two donors who want to encourage you to help us meet our mark. Please proceed to donate what you can afford right away at...

    We are so thankful for all of you who help our efforts as volunteers and donors. Many of you have been working with us and helping us raise our operating expenditures and pay for special projects for many years. While we regret having to go into crisis mode and suspend our other operations to raise the funds we need to fight onward against illegal immigration and amnesty, you do keep us on our toes.

    And we understand why donations are so hard to come by. First, you folks are the ones being stretched and squeezed the most by this new economy designed to give favoritism to illegal immigrants over your jobs and interests. Second, we are all doing a job we wish we did not have to do.

    We really wish it was not our responsibility to have to fight such grand levels of political corruption, lies, censorship and distortions, and a mass causality illegal alien invasion of our nation. We know many of you feel the same way. You are responding to our funding and volunteer needs because you are responding to a national disaster that is not of your own making.

    Our donors keep us on our toes at ALIPAC to continue providing lean and sometimes a bit mean activism in motion that is volunteer driven!

    Well, we have reached the final moments once again where you decide if we continue to fight or not. If you are happy with what ALIPAC has been doing and attempting to do on your behalf then please donate now in the final 12 hours of our funds drive via...

    Your donations are needed to help ALIPAC pay for website hosting, salaries, printing and postage, press release services, email broadcasting and hosting services, online advertising, website repairs and upkeep, phones, internet access, and expenses that arise around our special projects. Your donations make all of this work possible and for us to work as hard as we can against illegal immigration and amnesty.

    So many of you have supported our efforts for years and many of you have recently joined our efforts.

    Let's all pull together with donations at this link so we can return our full attention to fighting against the illegal immigration invasion supporters like Obama, Boehner, McConnell, etc...

    Yours in the cause,

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team

    PS: Remember that Midnight tonight Feb 10 is the final deadline. Please get your donation on the way using debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal as you prefer at...
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