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    The Oregon Illegal Immigration Battle That Affects Every American on Nov 4!

    The issue of driver licenses for illegal aliens earns the opposition of 77% of American adults according to Rasmussen Reports polling conducted in 2007, and while ALIPAC helped stop licenses for illegals in all but three states, the new strategy of some Republicans voting with most Democrats to help illegals now has 10 states engaging in this deplorable practice!

    Now licenses for illegal aliens is on the ballot in Oregon on November 4 where two thirds oppose licenses and oppose Measure 88 that would grant illegals licenses!

    And recently, licenses for illegal immigrants has become a hot topic in Colorado where the company named Morpho Trust gave over 500 illegal aliens licenses that lacked the "not for federal use" warning on them. In California, open borders flakes were narrowly stopped from creating a license for illegals that threw all national security to the wind!

    But the most important battle against licenses for illegals will be decided on the ballot November 4 in Oregon!

    After the Democrat controlled Oregon legislature voted to give licenses to illegals, American patriots like us and groups like Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR) gathered enough signatures to succeed in getting the measure put on the ballot as a referendum now known as "Measure 88."

    So if you oppose licenses for illegal immigrants then vote NO on Measure 88!

    Unfortunately, the communist ACLU wrote the language that will be on the ballot and it lies to everyone by claiming that the Oregon license will not allow illegal aliens to board planes. But thanks to patriot radio show host Lars Larson and PolitiFact, it has been proven that the Oregon license will allow illegals to fly on commercial flights despite the deceptive language voters will see on their ballots!

    The bad news is that, while polling data continue to show that even in a very Democrat dominated state like Oregon voters oppose Measure 88 by nearly two thirds, those supporting the illegals are spending 11 times what our groups can afford!

    Our American Defenders are being outspent by more than 1,100%, and in the world of political advertising that may be enough to overcome our popular and principled stances against Measure 88!

    Remember that illegal alien invasion supporters have been winning many battles against American Defenders around the nation by combining vast amounts of money with powerful lies! (See Senator Lamar Alexander's reelection)

    Everyone in America must understand that if we can defeat Measure 88 in a Democrat state like Oregon, we can then use that victory to defeat licenses for illegal immigrants in many other states too!

    Right now the groups fighting to defeat Measure 88 need donations and they need volunteers!

    The only thing that can allow the will of the public to prevail at the polls on November 4 is your support with your time and funds.

    Here are the groups that need your support that are organized and fighting for us...

    Protect Oregon Driver Licenses

    Oregonians for Immigration Reform

    Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform -

    They need Voters, Donations, Volunteers!
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