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Thread: Our enemies walk freely among us

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    Our enemies walk freely among us

    Share and discuss this meme on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE)

    A recent email alert and meme put out by ALIPAC is getting a lot of attention online despite the massive sandbagging of our social media accounts.

    We know our message that "America's enemies walk freely among us due to unsecured borders & unenforced immigration laws," resonates because more than 800 people have shared it and more than 46k people have seen it so far on Facebook. (view on FB here)

    These are large numbers for us since Facebook regularly suppresses our content and doesn't allow us to speak to many of the more than half a million people who have joined our pages.

    We would like to do a press release on this topic so that ALIPAC can once again begin affecting the press cycles in 2020. Please donate now to help us afford to do a release--

    Above, you can see, share, and discuss the meme.

    Please help us raise at least $300 by sunrise tomorrow by donating $10 or more tonight if you feel these statements should be said to the nation--

    -- America's enemies walk freely among us in large numbers due to unsecured borders and unenforced immigration laws that allow more than 20 million illegals to roam free with the terror cells among them.

    -- Sleeper cells of many foreign nations and power groups are within our borders with highly trained subversives, espionage agents, and special forces soldiers ready to attack strategic targets if called upon by their sponsor nations.

    -- The main reason the well organized terrorist cells are not attacking America overtly from within is that their agenda is proceeding uninterrupted as more illegals and drugs flow into America while jobs and wealth flow out, destabilizing and weakening our nation.

    An overt terror attack like 9/11 would arouse public anger and knowledge of their presence and agenda, and would threaten their goals.

    -- Iranian backed Hezbollah terror cells have been documented aligning themselves with the drug and illegal alien importing Mexican cartels!

    -- North Korea is estimated to have thousands of active military assets already deployed within America ready to strike!

    Most Americans are blissfully oblivious to these reports and concerns, and we need to fight to inform them before it is too late. is keeping track of the politicians responsible for these massive betrayals of our national security and keeping the heat on them as best we can.

    If you feel these are things Americans need to know, help support ALIPAC tonight so we can do a national press release on this topic and place these considerations into the media channels.

    Donate Now at--
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    All the MORE reason to lock that border down and REFUSE entry to those who have no papers.

    No papers, no entry, NO rights.

    Mexico let them in and Mexico can ship them all back home!
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