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    Our side is starting to WIN!

    Supporters of ALIPAC:

    Many of us have days where we just want to forget we ever knew what was happening in our nation. We have to deal with so much pain, suffering, betrayal, corruption, and outlandish events that it can be very discouraging for many of us.

    Today, we have good news to report. We announced in July that the tide had turned our way. Today's positive news reflects that movement.

    The Senate has voted for border fencing, but we still plan to withhold our votes and support for any member of the Senate that voted for amnesty via S. 2611.

    ALIPAC made this promise to those in the Senate that supported the bill and we are counting on you not to fall for this campaign move with the wall by continuing to withhold your votes and support for the traitors on S. 2611.

    We have to stand together as a team to bargain with these powers. Any member of the Senate that voted yea on S. 2611 needs to be removed from office regardless of their vote on the wall.

    After all, a fence or wall will stand as a hollow monument and testament to America's last stand if these sell outs grant the illegals amnesty or legal presence in America.

    This is still good news because at least we have them pretending to stand with us and this news will dismay Mexico and the illegals in the US.

    Senate approves fence for border ... =1&thold=0

    We have mostly ignored the story about the illegal alien mother in a church in Chicago because those events are a propaganda setup by the Open Borders Lobby. Instead of ICE hunting down the hundreds of thousands of known felons in our nation, they would like ICE to storm the church with guns drawn to tear the mother away from her child while he screams "Don't take my mommy" for the cameras. This would be a big political win for the OBLs so we have ignored this ploy as an organization although many of you are ready to take her out of that church and put her on the bus home yourselves.

    More good news came in today as a judge has dismissed her lawsuit.

    Judge dismisses illegal alien activist's lawsuit! ... =1&thold=0

    ALIPAC has received several reports about this via e-mail and now we have it in print! ALIPAC believes in and actively supports auto-deportation or deportation through attrition. See "How To Reverse Illegal Immigration In America"

    Now we have proof that illegal aliens are under pressure to leave America and never return. Time to turn up the heat even hotter!

    Illegal aliens are starting to leave US and do not plan to return! ... =1&thold=0

    We have them on the run!

    We know that the illegals are bailing out of the state of Georgia in large numbers and out of cities like Hazelton PA or anyplace where states and cities are cracking down on illegal immigration.

    Now we have the good news that Houston, TX will no longer be a sanctuary city!

    Unfortunately, it took the death of a decorated officer and a lot of activists applying pressure to make this change.

    Houston Texas no longer a SANCTUARY city for illegals after officer murdered! ... =1&thold=0

    Memorial Video to Officer Rodney Johnson ... ic&t=42666

    You should forward this news to the remaining Sanctuary Cities in America that are giving illegal aliens a safe place to hide and conduct their criminal activities without fear of deportation. Ask them how many of their citizens and police officers must be slaughtered before they change their ways.

    While these victories should encourage each of you, this is no time to rest on what few laurels we have.

    It is time for our team to advance and put everything we have into this fight, into the elections, and press onward for the next 40 days!

    Let's Do It!

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    Video of John Belushi's famous animal house "Let's Do It" speech at ... ic&t=42610
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    The 'snowball' is growing and gaining speed!!! Americans have always been prblem solvers and we will prevail.


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    They're on the RUN and we're closer to CRITICAL MASS.

    Right On, DAVID......Americans are extraordinary people when we get poked often enough to wake up! Call me naive, but I've always had faith in us that we will gather up together and become that 'dreaded' force that all the world "fears." {I call it jealousy}

    It's been a GOOD DAY!!
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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