A major change has just occurred, and this is our opportunity to break through and take the momentum against the Biden-Harris border disaster and plan to overthrow the 2024 elections with non-citizen Democrat voters, but it may be short-lived, we need all of you to follow our lead and help us with this online information jailbreak!

For months, we have been advocating for our activists to join and support Twitter (Now Called X) and Elon Musk's free speech play in the hopes of breaking out of the invisible electronic prison around groups like ALIPAC and every American who wants America's borders and sovereignty to exist.

Today, there is a jailbreak! Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, and Alex Jones have just pushed down a wall that could be the window to victory for American patriots we have been hoping for.

At the time of this email, there are only small fragments of the groundbreaking and historic Tucker Alex interview found on Youtube (See for yourself here), and while the whole interview is on Facebook in one location, we can spot it has a low view count and is probably shadowbanned. 364 views, and we can't get it to play (View HERE).

The place you can watch the whole interview and a slew of smaller clips being shared far and wide is on Twitter and Rumble...


15.4K views as of 12/12/23

20.9 million views as of 12/12/23 on Twitter



Rumble (Youtube's free speech rival) is under a Denial of Service attack today while the legacy media is attacking Tucker, Jones, and Musk with character slurs and false claims!

Many of the pro-America podcasters we support and monitor (View List) believe the cyber attack on Rumble is to slow the spread of news from the Tucker Alex Interview and new footage of J6 that's out. Musk and Twitter are under attack from an advertiser boycott from globalist corporations like Disney, Paramount, and others.


1. Get the Twitter and Rumble apps on your phone or smart TVs and devices and start reading and watching content there!

2. Get an $8 a month verified account on Twitter, advertise your favorite comments, groups, causes, and products there and support the podcasters and advertisers on Rumble.

3. Comment, Like, and Share materials on and from Twitter and Rumble related to America's illegal immigration crisis. Link back to ALIPAC.us and our materials there whenever possible.

4. Follow both our older Twitter account and new one we hope will bypass the remaining shadowban tools on Twitter.

We are at....

(4) William Gheen (@BillGheen) / X (twitter.com)


This may be our break out moment opportunity... it may not last long... we need you to move on this chance now and get in the fight with us!

Let's roll ALIPACers!

William Gheen and the ALIPAC.us Team