Paris Burning! Immigrant Riots! Your votes needed! Build a fence?

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Please forward and post this urgent information!

1. Paris / France is burning each night. Muslim immigrants from North Africa are rioting each night and are demanding autonomy. Please forward this information and read the following articles on our homepage ASAP. Could this be America's future?

WHY PARIS IS BURNING! Immigrants demand autonomy!

Paris-Area Muslim Immigrant Riots Spread to 20 Towns! Police fired on.

France plunged into crisis by immigrant riots! War in the Suburbs!

ALIPAC's collection of pictures from the Riots Found Here

2. Some Republican / GOP Members of Congress are considering legislation that would remove birth citizenship and build a huge wall on our Southern Border. Please read the following article and prepare to call all members of CONGRESS MONDAY-THURSDAY of next week. Our new message?

"No Guest Worker Amnesty, No Visa expansion, Yes build a wall on the Southern Border, Yes remove the birth citizenship for illegal aliens"

GOP mulls ending birthright citizenship and building Border Fence!

How do I call Congress to tell them this? ALIPAC ACTION PANEL / Lobbying Link ... age&pid=25


Poll 1: WRAL-TV "Do you believe the state should have a law that prohibits employers from hiring illegal immigrants?

Poll 2: 10 News San Diego "Should the United States build a fence along the entire 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexican border?"

Poll 3: NBC San Diego "Should a fence be built along the entire U.S.-Mexico border?"

Poll 4: WRAL-TV "Should the United States build a fence along the entire 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexican border?"

Let your voice be heard online and on the phones of Congress!


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