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    People you need to encourage to fight the Amnesty supporters

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Our organization is being pushed to the limits as Americans from all states rush on to our website and sign up to join our ranks in this fight. Due to the increased demand, we need more funding for press releases, equipment, website repairs and upgrades, and extra operational expenses. If you can help us, please visit our secure online donations page at this link before taking action in today's volunteer alert!

    Yes, I will help ALIPAC meet this high demand for action with my support at...

    The Amnesty supporting Gang of Eight sent Senator Marco Rubio out on what they call a "charm offensive" yesterday. Rubio's goal is to woo or pacify just enough Republicans to get Amnesty passed!

    Thankfully he hit a lot of resistance on the air from radio show hosts Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and Michael Savage.

    This weekend we want you to send these hosts your thanks and encouragement to fight amnesty harder.

    In the past, when large groups of Americans have reached out to thank American heroes willing to stand up against illegal immigration and amnesty, those receiving the praise have gone the extra mile in our struggle as we need them to do!

    Sample Message

    "Dear (Rush, Laura, Michael, Mark), Thank you so much for standing up to Marco Rubio and his despicable amnesty plan for illegal aliens. You did a good job pointing out to listeners the damages this bill will cause America. We do not need amnesty for illegals, we need more border and immigration law enforcement instead! I want to encourage you to fight amnesty even harder and to defeat this amnesty bill once again. We are counting on you to fight back all you can!"

    Remember to 1) Craft your own distinct version of our message and personalize it to each recipient. Make it heartfelt, sincere, and in your own words but with the same general meaning. 2) Make sure you send this to them online, and try to call in to their shows to deliver the encouragement live on the air if possible. 3) Seek other ways to deliver your thanks and encouragement to them on their social media sites or in form posts or comments you make beneath articles.

    Please practice this kind of encouragement with any individuals in politics, media, or activism that you speaking out against this bill. Encourage others on your own when possible.

    Here is the contact info you need to take action....

    Rush Limbaugh

    Laura Ingraham;js...53720320C7CE4D

    Michael Savage
    Twitter @ASavageNation

    Mark Levin

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Remember that ALIPAC is passing the hat for more support to help us make it to our next funds drive that begins June 1. Fighting against the Senate's nation destroying Amnesty bill has put a strain on our budget. Please chip in to help at...
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    Mr G
    you are the one also to say thank you for standing up for The USA Machel Savage I listen to
    & he tell it like it is . I want to thank you all

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