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Thread: Prepare for intense battle against illegal immigration supporters

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    Prepare for intense battle against illegal immigration supporters

    Head up, all ALIPAC activists!

    We need each of you to immediately prepare for intense and sustained activism battles against the corrupt GOP politicians that are to blame for the push for amnesty instead of border and immigration law enforcement! These are the Republicans who are being more deceptive than the Democrats on immigration issues.

    We are targeting GOP lawmakers for 2 reasons: 1. They are being paid off to deceive and mislead conservative Americans to our doom, and 2. Our chances and ability to harm or politically destroy these GOP lawmakers are higher than for the Dems.

    At this point, there are ZERO Democrats that we can support because their party is supporting illegal immigration and amnesty through more than 90% of their lawmakers while polling data shows us only half of Democrat voters support the same invasion.

    In the GOP, between 30-40% of the federal lawmakers are supporting amnesty, but GOP voter opposition is over 80% which makes miracle wins like our victory over immigration reform amnesty supporting Congressman Eric Cantor possible in 2012!


    Tomorrow, we are releasing our 4 new GOP Amnesty supporter profiles for Presidential candidates.

    Donald Trump and Scott Walker are leading in GOP primary polls because those two have spoken out the most against illegal immigration.

    Tomorrow we target the 4 top GOP Amnesty supporters running for President.

    We need your help, please take the following steps and preparations...

    1. Please review our profile for each of these amnesty supporting Presidential candidates and let us know if there are any typos, errors, or needed additions? ( We need to see you posting beneath these profiles which will bring more attention to them. Make your voice heard by the many thousands that will soon see these pages on our site by posting comments.)

    2. Let us know if you have been supporting one of these men. If you have, do you feel our analysis and documentation is fair? We cannot afford to lose any ALIPAC supporters who have put their donations or confidence in one of these candidates, so we want you to let us know if you support Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, or Lindsey Graham. And if you do, can we get you to drop that support or at least tolerate our efforts to educate voters about their true immigration stances? (feedback to or post beneath profiles)

    3. After tomorrow's national press release goes out, we need you posting links back into these profile pages as often as you can. Whenever you see someone in an email or on Facebook or Twitter supporting Bush, Huckabee, Rubio, or Graham (and later, all of our amnesty targets) we need you to post a link to our Amnesty Supporter Profiles. These profiles are designed for you to be able to knock a GOP voter off of the bandwagon of an amnesty supporter like Jeb Bush with one punch!

    4. When you hear a talk radio show discussing Bush, Huckabee, Rubio, or Graham, or you see people commenting online beneath an article regarding these men, please chose an excerpt from our profiles or create a condensed message of your own to either call in to the radio show or to post links back to our profile pages.

    These are the profile pages we will release to the media and then begin advertising from ALIPAC. Please read them, check them, understand them, and prepare to utilize them in political combat!

    You can always access them with ease on our new Cantor List which is under construction at This list will be stored as a sticky post at the top of our announcements section through the primaries 9 short months from now!

    ALIPAC Announcements Section

    ALIPAC's new Cantor List (pre release / under construction)

    GOP Presidential Candidates Supporting Amnesty for Illegals

    Jeb Bush --

    Marco Rubio --

    Mike Huckabee --

    Lindsey Graham --

    Prepare for battle, ALIPACers, and be ready to use our new strategies and tactics. You have 24 hours to ask questions, train, and prepare!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

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    These 4 are the some of the worst of the worst on amnesty!
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    None of the 4 are capable of righting the wrongs nor able to lead our nation on other issues. Some are pitiful on immigration and illegals, the border.

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