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Thread: President Trump lied about illegal immigration during State of the Union

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    President Trump lied about illegal immigration during State of the Union

    President Trump lied about illegal immigration during State of the Union Speech

    For National Release | February 5, 2020

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    While it is true that fewer illegals are crossing America's southern border in recent months following the largest wave of illegal crossings in America's history during Trump's first three years in charge of the border, most Americans are unaware that the Trump administration is paying Mexico billions of taxpayer dollars to hold on to illegals during the election. (View Source HERE)

    Mexico to Receive Billions in Aid From U.S. to Help Solve Immigration Issues

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is pointing out that President Trump made at least two false statements about America's borders and illegal immigration during his State of the Union speech of February 4, 2020.

    President Trump falsely claimed:

    "Our borders are secure."


    "My Administration has ended Catch-and-Release. If you come illegally, you will now be promptly removed. We entered into historic cooperation agreements with the Governments of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. As a result of our unprecedented efforts, illegal crossings are down 75 percent since May — dropping 8 straight months in a row. And as the wall goes up, drug seizures rise, and border crossings go down."

    Access source Transcript of 2020 State of Union Speech here...

    Access source video of 2020 State of Union Speech here...

    William Gheen of had this reaction:

    "President Donald J. Trump lied during the State of the Union speech when he claimed our borders are secure and his catch-and-release of illegals policy has been ended.

    "Illegals still cross our borders each day and night, more than twenty million illegals still roam and work freely in America with little or no fear of deportation, there is no new deportation force as he promised, there is very little wall, and Trump continues Obama's unconstitutional DACA Amnesty while seeking mass Amnesty deals with Democrats.

    "While some illegals are sent back to Mexico now, he has not issued any publicized orders to rescind his catch-and-release policies as many illegals continue to flow into America on his watch. More illegals have entered America under President Trump than during any prior time in American history.

    "While Trump promised us Mexico would pay for a border wall, instead, he is paying Mexico billions to detain illegals during the election because the historic wave of illegals coming into America under his watch was proving very embarrassing and detrimental to his reelection chances."

    For more information about how America's lack of adequate border and immigration law enforcement from the Executive Branch is encouraging and facilitating illegal immigration, please visit


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