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    Silicon Valley Discrimination Against Conservative Creeds Violates Civl Rights & EEOC

    Silicon Valley Discrimination Against Conservative Creeds Violates Civil Rights & EEOC

    For National Release

    August 22, 2017
    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC | | (919) 787-6009

    Miriam-Webster defines "creed" as "a set of fundamental beliefs" and the US government says it is illegal for anyone to be denied employment or housing due to their gender, race, age, religion, or creed. It is time for these US sensibilities and laws to be applied to the progressive Silicon Valley companies that are now eagerly censoring and supressing websites and groups and creating an environment that could take away many American jobs and homes of those who were targetedd based on their anti-socialist creeds!

    News that Silicon Valley monopolies like Google, PayPal, Facebook, and Twitter are taking steps to suppress and silence websites and groups targeted by George Soros funded alt-left organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SLPC) and Anti-Defamation League (ADL) raises questions of legality, regulatory control, Civil Rights, and American sensibilities of fairness.

    These companies are seeking to penalize and retaliate against many groups and websites, as well as millions of Americans with conservative views, in reaction to one man's criminal actions during a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. In America, we don't try to punish groups, classes, or whole demographics of people for the criminal actions of individuals.

    The SPLC "hate map" list that these corporations are using to target groups includes groups that are non-violent, non-racist, and racially inclusive, including group listings that represent postings by one person and listings that do not exist at all! William Gheen wrote an open letter to the SPLC on April 30, 2014 condemning their decision to include ALIPAC as "hate group" when the organization has reaffirmed its commitment to non-violent and racially inclusive efforts to fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty. (View Letter)

    Since these companies are now clearly in a position of power and supremacy capable of having a chilling impact on public issue debates and elections as well as the Civil Rights of all Americans, ALIPAC is now asking Congress to step in and apply new regulations to the global communications and financial companies Google, PayPal, Facebook, and Twitter.

    "Americans now face Socialist Supremacy threatening all of our rights, public debates and elections emanating from traditional and online media corporations where Republicans, Christians, and non-socialists need not apply," declared William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "These Silicon Valley robber barons clearly rise to the regulation-worthy level of electric and gas companies, phone companies, and transportation services like our railways, and, as such, it is past time Congress stepped in to regulate their actions in the interest of protecting American citizens, small businesses, and issue-based websites and organizations. Most Americans believe, and our laws reflect, that no U.S. citizen should be deprived of free speech and expression, and that no company should use its influence to affect the outcome of our elections. We have laws prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, sex, age and creed! It is time to apply those laws to companies like Google and PayPal who are canceling the employment possibilities for American who espouse creeds they politically oppose."

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has been dedicated to non-violence and racial inclusiveness in both words and deeds since 2004. However, the group has still faced persecution by the SPLC & ADL efforts to mischaracterize the organization and lump ALIPAC's successful lobbying efforts to stop Amnesty bills and state legislation designed to benefit illegal aliens as somehow being associated with violent racist Nazi and KKK groups!

    ALIPAC has openly worked with Hispanic and black leaders and organizations while repeating the organization's credo, "It will take Americans of every race, party, and walk of life working together to solve America's illegal immigration crisis," which has been repeated during hundreds of articles and interviews.

    "The main goal of the ADL & SPLC along with their socialist allies in media corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal is to silence dissent against their agenda by targeting innocent Americans for violence by defaming them as Nazis and KKK regardless of the truth! We call this horrible practice 'hooding' because the mob will try to beat and kill anyone with a KKK hood forced upon their heads, even if it was Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or MLK bound beneath those sheets!" explained William Gheen.

    The Daily Caller writes today that CNN released the SPLC’s hate group list last Thursday without questioning its political leanings. Many organizations on the list are wrongly labeled hate groups for supporting conservative causes, including the Center for Immigration Studies, Alliance Defending Freedom, ACT for America, and Americans For Legal Immigration (ALIPAC).

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