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Thread: SPLC & ANTIFA should be declared terrorist organizations

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    SPLC & ANTIFA should be declared terrorist organizations

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    For National Release: March 9, 2023

    ALIPAC is asking members of Congress to declare both ANTIFA and the SPLC as terror groups.

    ALIPAC feels the SPLC has sponsored and inspired terror, violence, persecution, and discrimination in America by maligning people and groups with false allegations of racism and hate, which makes a person or group more likely to fear or experience terror through censorship, de-platforming, employment discrimination, harassment, stalking, death threats, and threats of physical violence or harm.

    This week the SPLC, aka the Southern Poverty Law Center, aka the 'Southern Poverty LIE Center', is in the national news because one of their attorneys, Thomas Webb Jurgens, has been charged with domestic terrorism for supporting and being a part of the two-hundred-person Atlanta ANTIFA Insurrection mob that attacked police and a police "Cop City" construction site in Atlanta last weekend!

    Thomas Webb Jurgens (pictured above) is one of the 23 suspected domestic terrorists released on bail this week.

    The SPLC released this statement backing Tom Jurgens's role in the riot...

    "We are pleased that the DeKalb County assistant district attorney (ADA) agreed to a consent bond for Tom Jurgens. As we previously stated, Tom was performing a public service, documenting potential violations of protesters’ rights. We are outraged that police officers present at the protest refused to acknowledge Tom’s role as a legal observer and instead chose to arrest him. We are confident that the evidence will demonstrate he was a peaceful legal observer." says SPLC President and CEO Margaret Huang.

    "It's amazing, but not surprising, the SPLC is so high on their own political cool-aid they would try to claim Tom Jurgens was providing some kind of "public service" by showing up with a black-clad ANTIFA mob firebombing police and equipment in Atlanta!" said William Gheen, spokesman for Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (

    Of course, the Biden-Harris-controlled FBI and DOJ have no interest in the violent Atlanta ANTIFA Insurrection against the government because the rioters mainly were Democrat voters operating in a Democrat-controlled city in Democrat majority voting precincts, and the victims were taxpayers and police officers.

    The SPLC has become notorious for targeting the very small groups of KKK and neo-nazis in America and then claiming that large popular Christian groups, conservative groups, Trump voters, Republicans, and border security groups and activists are 'violent extremist hate groups' just like Nazis.

    ALIPAC has documented the SPLC and ADL lying about American patriots and conservatives, smearing good people, and aligning themselves with the most radical illegal immigration invasion-supporting groups in America.

    The SPLC has made it clear they hope to use lies and disinformation to weaponize federal and local police, and 'social justice' anarchist Democrat street mobs against Americans who oppose the radical left, socialism, urban crime, abortion, excessive taxation, gun rights restrictions, big tech, and media censorship, or any issue that gets in their way.

    ALIPAC believes that both the SPLC and ANTIFA should be listed as terrorist organizations by the United States government and considered hate-based extremist groups by US citizens, activists, media, police officers and prosecutors.


    Please spread the word if you agree.

    Source Article on Fox News

    Southern Poverty Law Center lawyer charged with domestic terrorism amid Atlanta riot released on bail

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    Please support our efforts by sharing this call with members of Congress (HERE)

    and by supporting our national organization (HERE).
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