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    Stace Nelson Endorsed for US Senate for opposing immigration reform amnesty

    Stace Nelson Endorsed for US Senate for opposing immigration reform amnesty

    May 1, 2014

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) | (866) 703-0864

    The national political action committee Americans for Legal Immigration is endorsing Stace Nelson's campaign for US Senate in South Dakota today due to Nelson's opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    The US Senate passed legislation (S. 744) in 2013 that has thankfully been stopped by conservatives in the US House because it would place ten million illegal aliens into future US elections where they would vote against any candidate who stood up for America's existing border and immigration laws.

    "America faces a dire threat from illegal immigration, illegal immigrant employers, and corrupt DC politicians eager to change our laws to accommodate them both!" said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "We need people like Stace Nelson in the US Senate who will stand up for our existing laws which are designed to protect American workers and taxpayers instead of any kind of amnesty for illegals that would permanently undermine America's borders and future elections!"

    Stace Nelson is running in the GOP primary in South Dakota in an open seat left by the retirement of Democratic Senator Tim Johnson who voted for the "immigration reform" illegal alien amnesty bill S. 744.

    Stace Nelson completed ALIPAC's 2014 Federal Candidate Survey and has indicated he will "Support Americans and legal immigrants by supporting the adequate enforcement of America's existing border and immigration laws as the US Constitution requires for the protection of American jobs, elections, taxpayer resources, health, and lives."

    ALIPAC is currently supporting and endorsing more than 100 federal candidates in 2014 and is the only national organization currently helping candidates who oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    For more information about ALIPAC's unique efforts, which candidates oppose amnesty, illegal immigration, or immigration reform, please visit us on the web at

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