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Thread: Stop Stimulus funds for Illegals & factors costing GOP elections

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    Stop Stimulus funds for Illegals & factors costing GOP elections

    Warning all ALIPAC organized American activists!

    Call GOP Senators then share this call to action by email and on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE) .. (PARLER HERE) .. (MINDS HERE) .. (SLUG HERE)

    The US House stimulus bill named the "Heroes Act" HR 6800 is now in the US Senate and it contains provisions that will allow illegal aliens in America to receive stimulus funds.

    We can't count on globalist sellout pro-Amnesty Republican Senators (like McConnell, Romney, Graham, Cornyn, Rubio, Tillis, etc.) to stop this without massive public pressure FROM YOU against illegals getting stimulus funds!

    Call as many GOP Senators as possible (starting with Mitch McConnell) to say,

    "Stop illegal aliens from receiving Covid stimulus funds!"

    US Senate Contact Info

    Do your local GOP candidates know these factors are hurting their chances?

    The GOP leadership appears to be engaged in rampant acts of political suicide as they meddle in GOP primaries against America First candidates, let Jared Kushner run the show, and focus on cutting unemployment benefits for American workers who actually had jobs and paid taxes before the historic Covid pandemic disaster.

    Each of these huge recent mistakes are exerting downward pressure on voters and activists who would usually vote Republican, in addition to the big three problems we are warning Americans about. While these negative pressures may not influence your vote, donations, or volunteerism levels, please remember we are talking about many millions of people and how they will react (View polling info) when many races will be decided by narrow margins.

    In an effort to stave off complete disaster in 100 days, ALIPAC continues to warn America and GOP leaders of the three following factors that are likely to cost many Republican candidates their races on the state and federal level.

    1. Silicon Valley suppression, censorship, and abuse of conservatives (View Tracking List) is stronger than ever and unaddressed by GOP incumbents, giving the left a massive advantage in 2020 elections.

    2. More illegal aliens have entered America during Trump's first term than under any prior American President, and many of these new invaders will be voting Democrat even though that is a felony since there are no safeguards in place to prevent non-citizens from voting (View Documentation). The Democrats know and are exploiting this, and most GOP incumbents (including the President) have NOT taken ANY significant action to stop this massive army of illegal voters.

    3. Broken campaign promises on illegal immigration and constant betrayals of American workers and taxpayers by GOP leaders is exerting downward pressure on voters and activists who usually oppose Democrats and their totalitarian socialism. The GOP is proving to be a fake opposition party.

    We are now looking at a growing possibility of a perfect storm blue wave where the Democrat socialists take control of the White House and US Senate in 100 days! The Cook Report now says the Democrats are favored to take control of the US Senate.

    Giving stimulus funds to illegal aliens will increase incentives for illegal aliens to vote for Democrats in the 2020 elections while applying downward pressure on Republican voters who will participate less each time GOP lawmakers support illegal immigrant interests over the interests of Americans.

    SPECIAL WARNING: If there is a blue wave in 100 days and Democrats take control of more state legislatures, they will be allowed to use the new census data to redraw state and federal districts and they will use computers and software to design districts that will elect Democrats to power for the next decade or longer.

    Please help us spread the word and please call as many GOP Senators as possible this week to say, "Stop illegal aliens from receiving Covid stimulus funds!"

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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    Not one dime of our tax dollars should go to illegal aliens for anything!

    Our own government is breaking its own laws by aiding and abetting them to stay in our country and awarding them OUR benefits and money.

    Cut off the free stuff, the anchor baby, and make them self deport!

    This is outrages!

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    Texas Senator John Cornyn is a total sellout, in my opinion. About 3 weeks ago, when the civil unrest was in full swing, Cornyn stated he was going to rush back to D.C. and try to push a bill that would make Junteenth a Federal Holiday.

    Like that is going to fix everything.

    Cornyn is pro India immigration and has done nothing the last 3.5 years to stop the illegals at the Southern Border.

    Republican or not, Cornyn needs to be voted out this coming November.
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