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    Summer of Blood 2022 now here come Biden's migrant terrorists

    We are seeing the price of failing to support and fund our police nationwide as the 'Summer of Blood' Democrat Crime Wave of 2022 ravages our nation. Now, we learn that the China quislings in the Biden Harris administration are about to further decimate our air force and national guard. (View)

    In an effort to knock Americans down where we can never get back up, the Biden Harris monstrosity is also planning to drop another 300,000 foreign workers on us (View), not authorized by Congress, and start allowing 'migrants' with ties to terrorist groups to enter the US! (View)

    We need your help to organize with us to move swiftly building the national movement to stop the Biden and Harris administration by electing true conservatives who oppose Amnesty and illegal immigration as we do. WE ONLY HAVE A FEW MONTHS LEFT!

    Please support our new funds drive and help us raise the 20k we need in record time because we are fighting for our national and personal survival.

    PS: Remember that we can't fight back effectively without your support as donors and volunteers. If you want a proven national organization to hit hard in the 2022 elections on immigration security issues, then help us get this info to our candidates by helping us right away at...

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