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Thread: Target List of Illegal Alien Amnesty Supporters We Must Defeat in 2014

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    Target List of Illegal Alien Amnesty Supporters We Must Defeat in 2014

    We are building and circulating this list of illegal alien amnesty supporting Republicans in the US Senate and Congress for the following reasons.

    1. We want illegal immigration fighting activists to know who their most important targets are nationally for sustained efforts to remove these invasion supporters from office.

    2. We want citizens in the states and districts of these invasion supporters to begin organizing in their area to defeat these invasion supporters and their allies.

    3. We want to inspire strong GOP primary challengers for each of these illegal alien amnesty supporters early in 2014 because the vast majority of their constituents oppose amnesty for illegal aliens including more than 80% of the GOP Primary voters.

    While these corrupt incumbent sellouts in Washington will have a lot of money for their campaigns and Open Borders Lobby group, each can be defeated by the right candidates backed by an historic grass roots political backlash. We must fight against their efforts to destroy America with amnesty, illegal immigration, and hyper legal immigration designed to replace American workers!

    Please study this list carefully, circulate it, and focus your efforts on finding candidates to replace them. Any candidates running against these sellouts need to complete ALIPAC's 2014 Federal Candidate Survey as soon as possible. (CLICK HERE FOR SURVEY AND RECEIVED RESPONSES)

    ALIPAC's List of Traitors in the US Senate

    ALIPAC's List of Traitors in the US House

    Please study and utilize our amnesty supporter target list and begin organizing with us to inform voters represented by these sellouts about how they have been betrayed in DC!

    It is time for a large group of illegal immigration amnesty supporters to lose their jobs in the GOP Primaries of 2014!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Many of you may want to call the GOP targets on our list for US House and warn them you are coming after them in the GOP primaries of 2014. The illegal alien amnesty forces are pushing them hard to pass an amnesty for Obama before the end of the year and there are 7 Congressional work days left! Any and all volunteer calls to these targets appreciated!
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