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Thread: Tell GOP Lawmakers You Plan to Share Their Amnesty Vote With Voters

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    Tell GOP Lawmakers You Plan to Share Their Amnesty Vote With Voters

    Call, call, call Congress then share & discuss this call to action by email and on (ALIPAC HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE)

    Thousands of ALIPAC activists are calling Congress this week along with the supporters of NumbersUSA and FAIR to try to stop Amnesty bill HR 5038 from passing in TODAY's VOTE in DC! is the only national organization that can legally tie the votes of members of Congress to the 2020 elections. That is why we need you to call as many GOP lawmakers in DC as fast as possible today to say...

    "Please make sure that Republican Rep. ______ knows that more than 80% of GOP voters oppose the Amnesty for illegal aliens he/she may vote for today in the Farm Worker Modernization Act Amnesty HR 5038 today. Let Rep. _____ know that I'm working with national organizations that plan to share his/her vote on the Amnesty bill with Republican voters who oppose it back in his/her district. I'll be watching the vote closely."

    Warning Republican lawmakers that conservative voters back home will know of their vote today is the strongest strategy you can deploy against HR 5038!

    We need to strip off every GOP supporter of this bill we can if we are going to have any hope of stopping HR 5038 today in Congress or next week in the US Senate!

    Please make your calls using numbers for GOP Reps found at...

    We are throwing everything we can at this Amnesty bill today, so please chip in to help our efforts if you can via...

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

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