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Thread: Today is recall election day for California

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    Today is recall election day for California

    Prayers for Californians today as voters head to the polls on Sept. 14 to recall corrupt Governor Gavin Newsom.

    Comment and share this notice at...

    The Democrats are pulling every trick in the book to protect corrupt illegal immigration supporting Governor Gavin Newsom including biased false polls designed to make Newsom look stronger than he is. The energy and enthusiasm is clearly on the side of Americans who want Newsom recalled today and many of them are standing strong despite violent dangers from Newsom supporters.

    There are 46 challenger candidates trying to unseat Newsom today and failed President Joe Biden has come to the state to mumble some more incoherent gibberish on Gavin Newsom's behalf while his own support levels plummet!

    Americans in California can rally today by going to vote out Newsom and taking others to vote with you. Don't let the Democrat voter fraud already being detected deter you.

    Americans in any state can aid those fighting the good fight on the ground in CA by commenting, sharing, and liking materials on social media at rally points like...


    If you do not like or use Facebook, you will find Americans fighting to recall Gavin Newsom on about every social media platform out there who need your help today. Here is our list of social media accounts and platforms for you to utilize.

    Go get em Americans!

    The Team
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    I saw several Republicans on the ballot. I hope that does not dilute the vote.

    Republicans need to have a strategy, have a meeting, and narrow it down to the 2 top choices.


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    I submitted a NOTA candidate. None Of The Above. There isn't anything like a vital Republican Party in California. Trumpers talk about RINO's, but what they are really talking about is the Two Party System. Trump's win in 2016 was really a rebellion against the Two Party System. If the Two Party System had its way, Ted Cruz would have had the Republican nomination for the presidential run in 2016.

    Our congressman Garamendi switched parties from Republican to Democrat. The last Republican governor was Schwarzenegger who might as well have been a Democrat. The Democrat dominance of the Two Party System is merely a feature of the political terrain. As long as the Two Party System runs thing one party is as good as the other. You might say that there isn't anything like a vital Democrat party either.

    If the vast national corruption of the election system hadn't been exposed this last election, it would be business as usual for the Two Party System. If we don't completely reveal the level of corruption, punish it and dry it out as a matter of history, elections aren't going to matter anyway. It could be they haven't mattered much for a long time, but now we are only beginning to see.
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