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Thread: Trump Aggression Towards Sessions Rooted in Expected DACA Ruling by Attorney General

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    I think Trump's attacks on Sessions are extremely destructive and disgusting. I am very disappointed with Trump right now. Appointing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General was one of the smartest moves Trump ever made. This whole thing is very damaging.
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    One of Trump's main issues he ran on during his campaign was stopping illegal immigration. It was a large reason he won the election as I believe many, no matter what party you are from, are tired of our immigration laws ignored. If he is now going to go back on those issues he will discredit himself and alienate most of his support.

    Very disappointing how he has gone after Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Seems to me this began when Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigations. As to whether they now disagree on illegal immigration I do not know.

    Sessions' opinion request by the Supreme Court regarding DACA must be addressed soon and based on his opinions in the past regarding the subject I am quite confident he will not be in favor of DACA. President Trump should be united with him on this decision and honor his campaign promise of ending it.

    As often in politics, things aren't always as they seem. As close as Sessions and Trump were during the campaign I find it hard to believe they are really at odds with each other as it may appear. Find it hard to believe that they aren't often communicating with each other. Hope this is the case anyway.
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    I don't see how Trump can be, on the one hand hostile to Sessions because he recused himself in one instance and then hostile because Sessions operates independently on the DACA issue. Trump can avoid the whole controversy, which is fine with me. I don't care how they throw out the DACA's or who does it, just that it gets done. And if it gets done, Trump will get the credit, no matter who gets the blame and rightly so. He put Sessions in.

    People talk about team work, but team work doesn't really work in politics. Like minded people operating together in government is what makes politics work for everyone of like minds, not loyalty. And I don't really see any evidence that Trump is going soft on DACA, especially when DACA has so many threats outside of the White House. Why should Trump launch any attacks on DACA and suffer more indignity at the hands of the press and pundits, if DACA is doomed elsewhere?

    If anything, now is the time for Trump to leave Sessions alone and let him strike another blow against DACA. But even if he doesn't and keeps Sessions in, then the display of acrimony does a lot to distance Trump politically from the issue. That's OK. But only if DACA suffers another blow.
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    William Gheen‏ @ALIPAC 16h16 hours ago

    I believe the time has come for many of us who stood up for @realDonaldTrump now stand up to President #Trump!
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