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    Truth seekers need our help

    48 hours till the big Amnesty fight resumes. We have only $150 left to raise to complete our funds drive. Please make that happen for us at...

    We've added a new sticky post to our videos section at to support Pro-America video content creators who need our support.

    You can view, access, comment on, and share the Youtube channels of these patriots at...

    New Pro-America Video Content Creators Need Support

    You may like all, some, or none of these truth-seeking creators, but we believe their work is important to the national fight to save America.

    You can support them for free and with ease by (1) watching their videos, (2) sharing their videos, (3) clicking Like (thumbs up) on their videos, (4) making supportive comments on their videos, and (5) subscribing to their channels.

    Each of these patriots is in danger of being banned by Big Tech censors, and most have already been demonetized.

    Please consider financially supporting them as well.

    Here is the list. Your constructive feedback is appreciated by replying to this email or sending direct comments to

    Top Picks for truth-seeking American Patriots

    James Okeefe & Project Veritas

    China In Focus NTD

    Sky News Australia

    Anthony Brian Logan ABL

    Officer Tatum

    Mark Dice

    Tim Pool of Timcast IRL

    JP Sears Awaken With JP

    Chris Chappell of China Uncensored

    Michael Knowles

    Young America's Foundation (YAF)

    Steven Crowder

    Jeff Rense

    Mr. Reagan

    Mr. Obvious

    The Babylon Bee

    Sydney Watson

    Liberty Hangout, aka Kate's unsafe Place

    Black Conservative Perspective

    Liberal Hivemind

    PS: You can enjoy and support these videos and content creators using a Youtube app on your phone or mobile device, going to on your computer, or by using the Youtube App on your Smart TVs.

    A Youtube account is not required to watch, but to like, comment, and subscribe you will need a Youtube Account which can be made quickly with ease using your email or a quickly made free email created at hotmail, aol, gmail, protonmail, etc... You can create an account with no cost or risk in under five minutes for activism purposes.
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