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Thread: The Truth, the whole truth &

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    The Truth, the whole truth &

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    The way this organization has had the power to defeat the open borders lobby legislation in DC and many states has been based on our adherence to the US Constitution and the truth.

    The truth has great power, and it is the truth we know about illegal immigration and the many victims of illegal immigrants that Trump harnessed and utilized to give him enough strength to defeat Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Fox News, and Hillary Clinton.

    But now, unfortunately, it has become clear to those of us who research these issues closer than anyone else in America that Trump is breaking many of his main campaign promises.

    Trump used our issue, our language, our platform, and the endorsements of our best known illegal immigration opponents to get what he wanted... the Presidency. But now he is sending us numerous signals that he did not really mean to keep those promises he used to obtain power.

    There are four broken Trump campaign promises we recently began to survey on Twitter that are generating a big response. (View Poll)

    (1) Trump abandoned his pledge to "Lock Her (Clinton) up" one week after winning the election in 2016 when he ordered his new administration to not investigate the Clintons or Obama. (2) Then he broke his promise to end DACA Amnesty on his second day of office. Trump now defends DACA Amnesty and says he wants a (3) "Comprehensive solution" which we know means Amnesty for more than 10 million illegal aliens! (4) Trump even broke his promise to stop the dangerous Muslim refugee resettlement deal with Australia he called "dumb" on the campaign trail. We US taxpayers will be paying to permanently house and feed these refugees that hate us and our Constitution soon as Trump is honoring the "dumb" deal Obama cut in secret with the Australians!

    The truth is that Donald Trump has gone to great lengths to convince everyone he is different on illegal immigration issues, but closer inspection shows amazing similarities to Obama's positions. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty Trump supports and ALIPAC opposes would eventually prevent anyone promising the things Trump has promised from ever winning another national election in America ever again.

    While many Trump supporters will want to reject this information, ALIPAC has to stick to the truth and remind everyone that our loyalties are not to Donald Trump or any politician.

    Our loyalties are to the truth, what is best for American citizens, and the US Constitution!

    There will be many Americans on the road ahead who will want ALIPAC to shut up and not say anything negative about Trump because they are worshiping Trump instead of holding him accountable as American citizens are should. And we all can sympathize with the enormous attacks the corrupt media and leftist Soros groups are throwing at Trump each day, but that does not excuse him to break our laws and violate the US Constituion as he is today.

    But be warned! Lindsey Graham was probably in the know and gloating when he said, he thought Trump would make a passionate speech and lead the very people that worry most about illegal immigration into supporting a "humane" plan. Graham then left the Dream Act Amnesty press conference you watched in the video we sent you (View Video) and met with Ivanka Trump's liberal Democrat pro-Amnesty husband Jared Kushner who owns and works at 666 5th Avenue, New York, New York!

    Right now most of the illegals in America have Amnesty already through DACA Amnesty for more than 800,000, and 90% of the rest of illegals are being told they have nothing to fear if they are not in a gang and have not committed major crimes. The Trump administration is only targeting criminal aliens just like Obama said he was.

    ALIPAC is about to deliver a big dose of the truth to the nation because we can't wait for Trump to make his move and unveil his secretive plan to provide Comprehensive Amnesty to illegal aliens. Trump recently said that the country and their political planning was not ready for the Amnesty he wants, but we can tell it is coming from what he has said.

    We want each of you to have a say in what happens next and to help review everything we say and do at ALIPAC. We want to raise our voices together and immediately begin educating Trump supporters on what the real immigration agenda of Donald Trump is and what they need to be doing to prepare to battle it.

    Those of us loyal to our existing borders and laws and the Constitution must speak up now!

    It is time for many of us who stood up for Trump to now stand up TO Trump before he does something catastrophic like firing an honest man like Jeff Sessions whom ALIPAC has endorsed and supported since 2006!

    ALIPAC has always relied on the truth, even when the truth is something people who have supported politicians like McCain, Bush, Graham, Rubio, Huckabee, and Trump do not want to hear or accept.

    We must act now to diffuse the trap we are in and stop the Trump, McConnell, Ryan backed Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Dream Act Amnesty legislation in the works!

    So once again we will put our faith in God and the truth and sally forth into the fray next week. It is a fight we had hoped we would not have to fight. We endorsed Trump to support the wonderful Americans who gravitated to his campaign promises, and now we must help them understand the truth of the current situation.

    We hope that you will stand with us in the face of these new difficult challenges and that you will send in your financial support quickly to

    William Gheen and the all volunteer ALIPAC Team
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