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Thread: Twitter Could Be a National Game Changer for Patriots

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    Twitter Could Be a National Game Changer for Patriots

    We know some of our supporters will have different objections to using Twitter, but we ask that all of you consider the following information coming our way.

    In recent days, our heavily shadow-banned main Twitter account for our national organization @ALIPAC has experienced dramatically improved visibility and reach!

    Our organizational response to the news last Sat eve about Biden & McCarthy striking a deal on the debt ceiling has been viewed more than 55,000 times on Twitter! (View HERE) which is more than our national orgs 55k email subscribers.

    We once had 24.5 thousand followers, but after the post J6 Twitter purge, that number fell to around 18k. Today we are up to 18.8k followers.

    Please consider the following cutting-edge info & ideas for your online activism against illegal immigration, Amnesty, & Open Borders.

    1. While we noticed improved reach and visibility on Twitter shortly after Elon Musk bought the company, something AMAZING has happened in the last few days.

    Suddenly, both the search engines and the left-wing activists' accounts see us again! We can tell because angry illegal immigration & Amnesty supporters have started attacking us fervently now they can see and hear us.

    Maybe Mr. Musk has flipped more switches that remove more of the totalitarian censorship tools applied to us in the past?

    This is good news because many of these troll accounts we are now arguing with are either lying about immigration issues or terribly misinformed, or both!

    2. If free speech is actually starting to prosper on Twitter, it could be a complete game changer in America and globally if the DC globalist elites, corrupt media, and corrupt platforms like Facebook can no longer abuse American patriots in the dark.

    The sunlight shed by just one truly free platform with a lot of attention on it could be the break in the battle American patriot activists need to turn things around. Our opponents facilitating the illegal immigration invasion and overthrow of America need complete dominance to maintain their plots and schemes.

    One voice of truth can bring giants down!

    Only one way to find out.

    3. At this time, we encourage you to join the Twitter battlefield of ideas,

    A. ALIPAC encourages all our supporters to consider creating an account at and learning how to be an activist there. By following others, you will earn followers who follow you back, but you should not try to follow more than 22 people per day.

    B. Focus your comments, retweets, likes & shares on the topics of illegal immigration and the Biden-Harris border disaster.

    C. Follow us at our main @ALIPAC account at this link...

    D. Please retweet @ALIPAC comments and posts, comment, like & share, and if you know how to debate online within the rules, then engage leftist illegal immigration supporters and post links to good sources and, sites, and materials at

    E. Consider following, retweeting, and supporting these accounts, which include friendly media, Elon Musk, and our ALIPAC-endorsed members of Congress (More info on our Endorsements HERE).

    Recommended accounts on Twitter to follow


    ALIPAC Endorsed GOP Senators


    ALIPAC Endorsed GOP Representatives


    Other ALIPAC Supported Voices Opposing Illegal Immigration on Twitter.

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