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    Use The Cantor Defeat to Kill Amnesty Today!

    ALIPAC illegal immigration fighters!

    Today is your day to put the political nails in the coffin of Amnesty for illegals if enough of you will read this message carefully and respond as we ask.

    ALIPAC's tracking list of GOP members of Congress secretly trying to back Obama's plan for amnesty for illegals contains 45 additional Eric Cantors who need to hear from you today and the rest of this week!

    Please saturate their Facebook pages, phone lines, fax lines, mailboxes, and emails with the message...

    "Eric Cantor is gone for supporting immigration reform amnesty and you are next!"

    Step 1: Read and distribute (to media points and personal contacts) ALIPAC's press release on this matter...
    45 More Amnesty Supporting GOP Reps Like Cantor Targeted

    Step 2: Access ALIPAC's tracking list and make a post about how these 45 individuals need to be defeated like Cantor on their Facebook walls, then call them. Just imagine the impact you will have when DC staffers report to these traitors that they are receiving a large number of angry contact today while reports out of DC indicate the GOP leadership is in chaos!

    ALIPAC's Tracking List and Contact info for 45 GOP amnesty supporters like Cantor!

    You have a very narrow window of opportunity to maximize the impact of our defeat of Eric Cantor. Please make these posts and calls immediately! Our enemies will not be disorganized for long in the wake of our victory.

    Make it clear to the remaining 45 that they are next to go down like Cantor for supporting amnesty for illegals!

    Let's go get em!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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